Got a nice story, help me find the photographer please.

Got a nice story, help me find the photographer please.

Postby THERUMORHASIT » Fri May 10, 2013 10:02 am

This past year at Burning Man I was working for the DPW before the event. After work one day there was an anvil toss scheduled at the Temple. For those who don't know, an anvil toss is where you shoot an anvil 100 feet in the air with gunpowder. It's pretty awesome. This was a day or two after the artists had started arriving, and there were lots of new faces, a few thousand new faces actually, and hundreds of folks had showed up to watch the anvil toss.

I rolled up with my crew's manager, a frenchman, who was driving the tiniest most busted old pickup truck ever. It's so bad someone tagged "Ze Joke" on the side. The only good thing was since the bed was roughly two feet higher than the ground it still gave you a better view than standing on the playa.

I was checking out the anvil toss setup procedure from the slight elevation provided by Ze Joke when I heard a commotion coming up behind. Rolling up to the crowd and parking was a significantly larger pickup truck. This truck must have been loaded with 30+ people, Im talking clown car loaded. They were practically spilling over the side. I knew immediately these folks were greeters, and I knew this because half of them were naked, and greeters were pretty much the only folks on the playa who were going naked en masse at that point in the season. So this gaggle of greeters poured out of their truck and disperses throughout the crowd.

Then I notice that one of the group was hanging behind and only came walking up after the group has dispersed. And she was a vision. She was a wearing short red dress, it looked almost like lingerie, but she could pull it off in the default world too. Around her neck were necklaces made of snake bones, and a black lace bandanna. And her tattoos, she had wings on her arms. So I knew immediately that I had to talk to her. I said hi to her and she hugged me and said welcome home. And that is exactly what I felt like, home. In that moment she had done what greeters do, she welcomed me home. I had just been working construction inside Blackrock City up to that point, she brought me to Burning Man. We watched the anvil toss together.

Afterwards, a photographer spotted us and walked up. I forget the exact number but I think he was trying to shoot 1000 portraits over the course of the burn. He asked if he could take our portraits and we said of course. He took photos of us individually. After, he asked if we were there together, to which I replied "yes, we are here and we are together" He said that was awesome because he was trying to get some kiss pictures. My beautiful new friend and I shared our first kiss, and it was captured on film.

She was only at the event and didn't stay for the postseason, so she left two days after the temple burned. Helping her break down her camp and pack up, then watching her drive away was hard. It wasn't nearly as hard as kissing her goodbye outside of her house in the default world, and driving away myself, because I knew that would probably be the last time. Our love story was one that burned short and bright. But it was a beautiful thing while it lasted.

Anyway the two of us are still friends. I still love her dearly and I hope she feels the same, but there are no expectations that we will live happily ever after. She'll always be the amazing playa girlfriend I had for a few weeks before we went back to the default world completely.

The reason I write this is, I want to find the photo of our first kiss. I want the memory of that moment to carry with me. If anyone knows the photographer who might have taken the picture I would love to find him and get a copy. the following is a summary of what I think are relevant details.

-Photographer was a male
-dark hair
-average height
-slender build
-He was working on a project wherein he was taking lots of portraits (I think he said he was trying for 1000)
-He was on the playa well before the event started I think this was one or two days after early entry starts
-He was either at the anvil toss the whole time or showed up towards the end but we met him after the anvil was thrown

Please if anyone has any idea who this might be let me know. Thank you so much.

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Re: Got a nice story, help me find the photographer please.

Postby Sic Pup » Fri May 10, 2013 5:51 pm

Sorry I can't help you on finding the picture (other than bumping the thread) but I wish you good luck in your quest. Awesome story, I'm a sucker for bittersweet.

But don't forget that as long as you keep the memory, the moment lives.
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Re: Got a nice story, help me find the photographer please.

Postby trilobyte » Mon May 13, 2013 3:31 pm

Giving this a nudge over to Lost Humans. Good luck reconnecting with the photographer!
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