!!READ ME!! When Posting In Regionals & Events...

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!!READ ME!! When Posting In Regionals & Events...

Postby trilobyte » Thu Jan 03, 2013 1:03 am

We love hearing about Burning Man events happening around the world! However, in order to make the board a little more readable and functional for users, we need you to include some important information in the subject line:

  1. The name of the event
  2. What area the event will be held (city, region, etc)
  3. The event date(s)
  4. If the event is a fundraiser, the subject line needs to begin with "FUNDRAISER:" and include the name of the camp or project it benefits
That will help make it easy for other ePlaya users to see what's going on in their area (or in an area they may be traveling through). If you have updated or added information for your event, please post that as a reply to your original thread (instead of starting a new thread). If you need to make a change to the original post in your thread after the 30-minute editing window closes (you missed a typo, have an emergency venue change, etc), you can send a PM to any of the moderators.

Burning Man events, official Regional Network events (such as decompressions and campouts), fundraiser events for on-playa projects and camps (see this post for more info), and other sanctioned events may be listed (if you're not sure, please send me a private message with details of your event). Events such as dance parties, favorite bands/DJ's, commercial festivals and campouts may not be listed. We don't doubt they'll be a great time, but ePlaya is not the place to advertise them.
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