Chill Camp at 11.45 near the fence

Chill Camp at 11.45 near the fence

Postby mrcfisher » Thu Oct 04, 2012 11:16 pm

BM 2012

HI. Thursday night out on the deep playa at the 11.45 and not quite fence location my wife and I came across the consciousness tent.

The host gracious shared food and libations and asked us to return with snacks and supplies the next day.

Friday during a lull in the dust storm, around 8pm clock time, we returned to find the tent empty, We placed our offerings and chilled for 4 hours as the winds came and went. Eventually we walked our bikes across the playa home.

I'd like to contact our host (he gave us his first name) to thank him again, he said he was a BC native.

If anyone knows the man in question, it would be wonderful to get connected.

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