LOST: tan leather backpack with many small special items

LOST: tan leather backpack with many small special items

Postby Emmmanation » Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:26 am

Hello there,

This bag is medium sized. Has two pockets on the front one slightly larger than the other both square. The tan leather is is a cross between orange and beige. Fairly classic in nature. The straps are leather as well.

This was sitting on the ground next to the front porch (art car) while it was parked at the French Quarter during a performance on Friday night. 730 and A.

I believe we pulled out and left it as i could not find it on the car and when I returned to double check if it was in the street it was gone.

It may have been taken on the street or off the art car. I am not sure. I may have been drinking a lot of whiskey and chasing hot boys in the band when I set it down.

A long shot but it had in it my timekeeper crystal which h been with me for many many years now. Everything else was what you would find in a 24 hour burning man bag.

Water, sunblock, lotions, salves, flip flops, bags of drugs, long sleeve silky blue shirt, probably another warm layer for that night... You know The usual.

Much love and a little hope.

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