Ian from San Diego met you around 3 and D

Ian from San Diego met you around 3 and D

Postby IanFromSanDiego » Thu Sep 20, 2012 12:46 pm

Hey it's Ian!! I met you (girl) around 3:00 and D while I was waiting for my friend. The sun was starting to go down and I was wearing hot pink pants, a red fanny pack, and a cowboy hat with blue flower on it. I was already pretty tanked from drinking all day and I think your name was Christina?? It was your first burn and we went and got some drinks somewhere. We hit it off and danced and partied all night! Watched the core burn at some point, met your friends on a bus, went to more bars.. then I decided to hop on a trampoline and do some flips haha.. bad idea. Did a back flip and bounced off the trampoline onto the ground. You thought I hit my head, I thought I was fine.. We partied a bit more and then I pretty much blacked out.. Woke up in my RV the next morning with a broken wrist! All in good fun!

Well I hope you come across this somehow and we can catch up! I think you lived in the bay area? San Francisco? something like that.. I live in San Diego
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