Lost Tricycle

Lost Tricycle

Postby MoBo » Wed Sep 05, 2012 12:50 pm

If you want to keep it, LOCK it!

This has been said again and again. I can now say that after 5 years of burning where I did not personally know of anyone who had a bike actually go missing, mine did. I left a black tricycle unlocked within sight of the bar at Distrikt and it wandered off. I saved the couple of seconds that it would have taken to lock it (the lock was on the handlebar) and lost the trike.

It was black with a metal box on the back containing a fanny pack and two water bottles. It had two stickers, one BRC Barbie Death Camp and one BRC (KOA style) with Silicon Village sticker. If it is "yours" now please enjoy it in the years to come. If it is MOOP now I am truly sorry about that for whomever has to transport it off playa. Checked Center Camp and Distrikt before leaving Sunday Afternoon.

Now to upgrade to an even better tricycle for 2013!
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