Join Forces? is your camp smaller than expected?

Materials and expertise...whether you need them or have them to share, you can let folks know here.

Join Forces? is your camp smaller than expected?

Postby Xain » Fri Aug 03, 2012 11:51 am

Our camp is missing a lot of our people this year, How is your camp fairing?

RESOURCES: 1 or two 24' Domes with covers, 4-6 burners who've been goin for years, maybe a virgin or two.

We are either looking to share a new location with you or invite you over to our camp.

PM if potentially interested!
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Re: Join Forces? is your camp smaller than expected?

Postby ABear! » Thu Aug 09, 2012 1:43 am

Check our our schtick - If ya'll would be down for helping us make this the best Soviet Theme Kamp in all of BRC this fighting season... give a jingle. My name is ABear. We have a thread or two around here as well. Time is short:)... we do have room for a few more but we want anyone who camps with us to be down with the theme.

Cheers, ABear - Kommisar of the Kantina and Minister of Naval Battle Shots.
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