Slut Garden BAlls Deep Party In Eugene Or 02/25/12

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Slut Garden BAlls Deep Party In Eugene Or 02/25/12

Postby circuisbear » Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:02 pm

Diablos Eugene. Find the Slut Garden Page on Face Book
Break out your jerseys, your gloves, your sticks, your eye black and... your balls!

Slutgarden returns to Eugene to jam your tight ends wide open!

This is a sports-themed party. Drive the lane, jam it in the hole and slap those shots down! There will be no offsides and the only penalty will be for icing!

Dance the night away after making the game-winner or you will wake up the goat forever!

WHO: Freaks, Burners, Ravers and all the Sexy People. Not those guys from that lame BBQ.

DJs: Leading off the inning straight from the playa: DJ Cockstorm.
Batting second, from the Portland underground: Dj Tronic
Batting clean-up, Eugene's finest: Michael Friedman

WHY: Slutgarden has been clothing, entertaining and inebriating Black Rock City since 2005.

HOW MUCH: $6. Free with a DPW, Rangers or Medical Laminate. You gave to us, now we give back.
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