San Francisco (Free) QUEER PLAYA REUNION

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San Francisco (Free) QUEER PLAYA REUNION

Postby kitten_sf » Thu Sep 22, 2011 2:43 pm

Going through playa dust withdrawal?
Miss seeing hot men in crazy genderfuck drag?

Get your fixxx at San Francisco’s free QUEER PLAYA REUNION!


Kicking off Castro Street Fair Weekend,
Michael Brandon presents an easy way to reconnect with your favorite Burning Man faggots & their friends.

Wear your favorite playa gear / drag / sexy light art!

Cosponsored by:
+ Comfort & Joy Village
+ Astropups
+ Horny Camp
+ Sparkle Pony Support Foundation
+ The Pink Gym
+ The Dust Bunnies

WHAT: Michael Brandon’s Queer Playa Reunion
WHEN: 9pm-Midnight, Friday, September 30th
WHERE: The Edge, 18th & Collingwood

See the Comfort & Joy blog for more info about all of the above. Get yourself on our mailing list to get email updates/invites.
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