Black and Grey Mule Camel back with Olympus Camera and

Black and Grey Mule Camel back with Olympus Camera and

Postby Skippydog » Thu Sep 22, 2011 12:28 pm


I lost my Black and Grey Mule Camel back with a Blue and Silver Olympus Digital Camera and my Australian Drivers Licence inside. I checked with L&F at BRC but no luck.

The drivers licence is in the ipod pouch at the top of the pack. It is a Western Australian Heavy Rigid Drivers Licence. Maroon. The details are: Wayne Williams. Burham Road Kenwick Perth Australia. The bag had a black rock city booklet inside along with a long sleeved black thermal cotton shirt and had a red bull can covered in toweling attached with an orange ribbon.

Also, i lost my Ethiopian Gabbi / robe. Basically a white cotton large body wrap / coarse sheet. It had an embroidered edge with gold and blue.

I can be contacted on this address or at Fingers crossed!!!



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