Postby Steppy » Mon Aug 15, 2011 1:29 pm

[quote="Playa Hater"]If there is an exchange, it isn't a gift.[/quote]'s always bugged me that the Org puts "GIFT" on the bottom of our tickets, too.

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Postby Lassen Forge » Mon Aug 15, 2011 1:58 pm

))grins(( How about "Slave Labor"... (Or Certifiable, No Cash Value, or something. It sure ain't a gift!!)

When you figure what we have to work for that "gift" ticket, it costs a lot of us a lot more than the 3rd or 4th tier tix.
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Postby ChefCallie » Mon Aug 15, 2011 4:08 pm

Hello I'm Callie!
This will be my first Burning Man. I'm the Chef for and am in charge of provisioning all meals for my camp. I've already planned our camp's Burning Man menu (which will be delicious) and would like to invite you to any/all meals in exchange for your ticket you earned. I'm also happy to help you set up in whatever way you need.
Me in a nutshell...
I enjoy a well delivered pun. In my next life I want to be a backup hip hop dancer because that's the only way I think I could pull off the baggy pants/tight shirt/hipster glasses- look. I cook for a living, which means I can multitask like nobody's business.. in fact sometimes I engage in my very own kitchen dance parties (you're invited). I eat mostly vegetables but I'm not a vegetarian. I've recently come to terms with the fact that I'm a pretentious coffee and beer drinker. Urban hiking and people watching are some favorite past times. I live for Seattle summers and spontaneous road trips and live music (recently been super into Dub Step, though blue grass is a reliable favorite and so is 90's hip hop. I like to surround myself with people who are authentic, loyal, and have a passion for something. Oh yea, and cooking's pretty cool too.

thank you thank you
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Postby reen3 » Mon Aug 15, 2011 5:34 pm

Shoot! I can't go up until Friday (I am a teacher that can't take off of work). Hmmm... I still do not have a ticket but have faith I will somehow run into one. I could trade tutoring sessions if you have a child? I could even tutor via Skype:), since I do that on the side already. Does this interest you? I wonder if we could work something else out.
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Postby joyfulc » Mon Aug 15, 2011 7:11 pm

Steppy wrote:Folks

Some clarification:
- The offers for help or other such is for ON Playa.
- I don't know how I'm going to make the final decision. It will likely seem capricious and arbitrary. Sorry about that, but there are lots of good stories coming in.
- I would like to get the ticket resolved and handled by end of the day Wednesday.
- Yes, I will update here and post when it is gone.

Thanks Steppy for keeping us informed. I am pretty burned out on waiting to hear from people I have written essays for and made offers and the looking looking looking every day. I did not know your help was for the playa, so I can add that I could my husband and I could help you with your Thurs party.....I am a great party planner as well as organizer, etc etc. We have over 80 people in our new camp and the music will be completely fabulous as well as the chill space and 2 bars, which we would love to see you at. Thanks for the opportunity....
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Postby swaggles4playa » Mon Aug 15, 2011 7:20 pm

Hello fello burner,

I doubt this ticket is still available, but here is my sob story:
My best friend is leaving for South Africa for a year and Burning Man is the last week I'll be able to see her. I live in new york, she lives in seattle.
She wasnt sure if she could swing it b/c money is tight with her journey coming up - shes doing all volunteer work - she is a beautiful, vibrant, 25 year old girl who wants to save the world!!! She doesnt have a ticket and we all need her there, it just wont be the same without her...
We went in a big camp last year - this year we can supply you with great costumes, food and bev, and a ride in a plane at "Burning Sky" camp... Not sure if youve ever done that before but the view is unbelievable.

I really hope you can help us see her off :/ thanks for considering me

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Postby hyperspacetraveler » Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:20 pm

Steppy im not going to bore you with much except, My name is adam im 27, i live in canada, and going to burning man would mean so much to me because of a person so dear to my heart , meeting her on the playa would mean more than i could possibly describe here to you. Maybe in consideration of gifting me the ticket is that i tirelessly for 2 weeks spent every day being a thorn in scalpers sides who were trying to scalp tickets for shambhala music festival, canadas premieur electronic event. I bought all the face value tickets i could , and short sold the scalpers two weeks leading up to the event, i tirelessly sat refreshing craiglist and kijiji and a trading post similar to this posting board, ever ten minutes... In the end i helped people who really wanted to go be able to , i screwed over scalpers, and people ended up having to give their tickets away. It was quite the change from the previous year of $500 dollar mark ups the day of. I ended up with 3 extra tickets i couldn't sell and gave them to people in need. Also, i coordinated the sale of this cute balerinas ticket in texas, who no one trusted to buy from her, so i sold one of mine and took hers. As what i can do for you , it reminds me of the johhny cash song "I can hoist a jack, I can lay a track, I can pick a shovel too
and he said “can you swing that hammer ?” I can I’ll do anything you hire me to" I will help you in any way i can, i just need a few days notice because of where i live( dont worry i can still help you over the course of as many days as needed) Help me connect with this person as she lives in seattle. Doing this would not only make my day but her entire year, not to mention these 2 amazing strangers who i had the most incredible connection with at shambhala, who have invited me to san fran to go with them to burning man, if only i could find a ticket somehow. I was able to reinforce their love in each other in the most sureal connection i have shared with anyone , let alone a stranger, let alone a strange couple 15 years older than me.....they are going to be getting married at burning man this year!!!! I really wish i could be their witness... Thats where steppy you come in?????? Pink heart camp is the one where my significant twin soul lives while on the playa ,im not going to pretend im part of their years of dedication to making it what it is, but maybe that name resonates with you and you know the vibes of those people from that camp georgette? dmitri? otillia? for me my camp will be myself:) Thank you for listening , its all in your hands -adam
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Postby Dr Helix » Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:27 pm

Steppy wrote:Ok, first things first. As mentioned in another post of mine, this account is a bit of a sock puppet.

I have one Gift ticket, given to me by the Org for my year round work (which is in excess of 1,000 hours plus the 60 or so on playa).

I will gift it to a person, preferably on the OC/La area. I want no money.

But a bit of exchange might be in order. I might like you to come help us set up for our department party (thurs late afternoon). Or an offer of a cold beverage or two for myself and the spouse if we happen by your camp. I dunno...not mandatory, but be creative. Special points for something I could turn around any gift to our department or spouse are cool.

Some guidelines/hints:

• Skip the sparklepony--I don't need how it'll complete you, align your chakras, enable you to reunite with the allspark, etc
• Sorry, but we don't need djs. After we worked over the last few, the rest of our dj folk keep it to themselves.
• I tend to take a dim view of "organizers of a large group but I fogot to get mine" as I don't think that's marginally self-reliant, let alone radically so.

Special bonus for anyone that works at a bar or live music venue. Always nice to make new friends in new haunts.

Just tell me a little about your plan, and about you/your group. This is your elevator pitch.



Looking for a welder? I'm your man.
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Postby hyperspacetraveler » Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:30 pm

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Postby SunRunner » Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:44 pm

Dear Steppy,

:D [Deleted Post] :D The world wants me to go to Burning Man this year. My lost ticket has been relocated/found. I can be greeted by the greeters and make my way for the first time onto the playa. Steppy is awesome and is doing a fantastic job with something difficult but that is so so good. In a way I wish we could reddit upvote and downvote to help her but she will find some lucky soul and have a very good decision that she has made.

Three cheers for Steppy for volunteering enough to enable this gift. Thank you and best of luck to all of the other submissions.
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Postby kiel-len » Mon Aug 15, 2011 10:49 pm

Alright "Steppy" I'm about to get creative up in here and be as humanly honest as possible. I'm seriously doubting I deserve a free ticket, I don't exactly feel the need to shovel out a bunch of money or jump up and down like a frustrated ape trying to find a ticket. I would love to (and probably enjoy) helping anyone set up for a party - gives me a reason to get to know some new people. Drink offers are a default for any visitors in my area - hospitality is key. I'm not sure what gift I could give for your spouse or department. I don't think I would have anything of material value to you but I suppose I could gift my knowledge or connections to the world outside of burning man. I would be willing to hang around and help you out with anything I'd be able to (as long as it's nothing too radical).

Not exactly sure what you mean about my "plan" I'm not worried about getting out there, I do have a crew of friends who are going however most of which are interesting younger people. Nothing super special. I can't do a million back flips and they aren't building an epic tower. They are going to be them not to do some kind of trick that awe's people's thoughts.

I tried to keep it short because I know I hate reading through everyones paragraphs and life stories but I think it still got pretty long. Peace mate!

Believe me, everything is clear, ordered, simple, and natural. Minerals breathe, vegetables eat, animals emote, man crystallizes.
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Postby Buena Chica » Mon Aug 15, 2011 11:01 pm

Thank you for the AMAZING offer...... you will make someone very very happy!!!

I have an EARLY ARRIVAL TICKEt to go help at center Camp in the 19th.... BUT NO TICKET!!!
And I have the COOLEST job too: I am going to be in a beautiful shaded cool area giving massages to all the hard working
construction and art installation workers!!! is that a sweet deal or what!!!

When I lived in Thailand, after the Tsunami, I did the same thing... I didi not dive after equipment or moved the heavy
buildings out of the way, but waited for the volunteers to come back exhausted too piece them back together!!! There
will always be just the right job for everyone..........

I wil also be staying at BRC for a week after Bm for clean up...... which pretty much guarantees a free ticket for

So if given the ticket, I can offer the same to you.... I plan to camp out past the temple and set up a FORTUNE TELLER
tent and give a full massage each day......... there will be AWESOME music at the Sacred Spaces CAmp.... so I will recruit
a violinist or flute player to delight us during your massages at La Playa!!!

Life!! Enjoy all the offers.... but most important THANK YOU for making someone, anybody, very very happy!!

Buena Chica
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Postby sea_megatron » Tue Aug 16, 2011 12:23 am

Alright, I'm gonna throw my hat in the ring....

Here's my pathetic story. My ex gifted me a ticket back in January, all set! Woo-hoo! Can't wait to go home! In that time, our relationship changed, we morphed, went our separate ways, but remained friends. Then 2 weeks ago, after the proverbial dust settled on the whole OMGWTFBBQ! It's sold out happened, he contacted me asking when I was going to pay for my ticket. Sigh. I told him to go ahead and sell it to one his friends. The price of peace I guess, since he knows I have been financially f-ed over this past year, and would not have the funds to cover it at this late date. I also do believe this was a power play on his part to have me not go. But that's a whole other debacle. The real shitastic part is back in April, I joined Titanium Sporkestra, reigning Marching Band champs on the playa and they are expecting my attendance. So now, at the 11th hour, I'm giving it a shot.

I don't really like talking about myself, I think I perform better in person. I am notorious for elaborate hoaxes and surprises, so to be sure, whatever the source is for my possibly maybe ticket, I will certainly shoot the moon. But it would of course have to be a well orchestrated event of epic proportions that only my breed of insanity can pull off. Trust me on this.

That's all really, and I envy you. I wish I could gift someone a ticket this year. I've heard so many stories, way worse than mine, people that probably deserve to go more than me. But, just giving it a shot. Good luck to all of you in search, and to the ticketed, have a safe and wonderful burn.

Ms. Megatron
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Postby fuegofigment » Tue Aug 16, 2011 9:33 am

veteran burner, here -- have created camps both on-playa, at the Sandy Eggo decompressions, and played quasi-off-site co-host to OC burners after their inaugual beach burn back, was it that long ago? lol

anyway -- until this morning, making the trek was way out of the question --- until this morning.

Here I am - throwing my proverbial hat in the ring.

It's been a rocky past couple of years for me -- I am going to Home recalibrate from most_things_non-BRC...

I am fully self-sufficient and a relative jack of most trades --- Not only would I be willing and able to pitch in on-Playa but it would also be cathartic.

Interestingly (or not) enough, one of the toughest parts of my decision to return home is not building something FOR the Playa.

Regardless of your decision -- I'd appreciate a PM with info on the what/when/where/who *needs* an extra set of hands...if the projects/folks have similar mindset to yourself, I'm relatively certain that I'd like to help.

On a side, I'm a photographer --- should you & your lovely make it down to Sandy Eggo...I do mostly beach have one on me.


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Postby TheCaptain11 » Tue Aug 16, 2011 9:45 pm

I'll make this brief, as the odds are probably against me at this point, I got a lady friend who gave up going to burning man to go to another country and help poor starving kids learn stuff. I say this crassly, but its true. She's real good. Good like a lady batman. I met her at Burning Man in 2009 and we went again in 2010, and this year I finally got all my people to come. We even got a theme camp. But she went to a place where they have less, to give what she could and as a result can't make it this year. I blame capitalism, and the institution in general. I have no whimsical hippy bullshit to offer you.
My quest is selfish, because I'd like to have this lady there, because she's a good lady, and I love her. I know she would love being there, and frankly she deserves it because she puts up with terrible bullshit all day long just to lend a hand where a hand should be lent. I'm in LA. I'll do whatever. Think of something you really don't want to do... I'll do that (I'm willing to do a lot). I'm arriving early Saturday to help set up my camp, but they'll understand if you require a hand. They want this too.

The Captain
Camp Shibumi
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Postby blndgrrl » Wed Aug 17, 2011 9:21 am

I'm surprised at how few responses this thread received!
It's a FREE ticket people!
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Postby Mansoon » Wed Aug 17, 2011 9:36 am

Well, there's a fair number of restrictions: where you live, what you do, etc. Burners are spread all over; i'd throw in, but i'm clear across the country. And maybe a lot of people PM'd
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Postby shhhzapple » Wed Aug 17, 2011 11:23 am

Im going about this the wrong way, I know...your probably already tired of reading posts and have decided but...Id be honored to be your worker and friend. I will like to drink a bottle of scotch with you. Burning Man Virgin...newly from Bellingham, WA. have a recording studio on an island with alot of old shit in it that I would offer to you to come stay and have fun in. Music player- The Dirt Bros ...we only play picnics and wherever people wanna dance to a big bass circus drum and loud guitar. have worked with some bands and people I think you may like. thanks for your cool offer
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Postby jinglez » Wed Aug 17, 2011 11:33 am

is this gone cause if not:

i'm not going to ask you to cry me a river because i knew they would sell out and didn't know i could go. hell yeah i want to go and i've taken the right steps. i've passed on numerous high priced tickets to stick to my ethics, been out bit on ebay because i won't over pay, and hit the refresh button on eplaya, craigslist and tribe till my finger was blue. i've followed to personal leads only to find i was thousandth 'acquaintance' to call about the ticket. all the while i watch plane tickets climb in price and help my house mates build and pack our camp.
i'm sorry i can't offer to help with the party, it seems like the perfect way to meet the person whose helping me with a ticket.(you did say prefer) i can offer the regular things: message, camp packing/set up, fire spinning, cooking skills but i'd like to give you better. i'd like to give you my view of the burn, a jinglez-eye-view.
we set up a date(platonic)(6,12, 24hr, whatever) get to know what makes the burn for each of us while meeting new and interesting people. cause isn't that what makes the burn? i've had some crazy adventures in my life but that is my favorite part. if you're reading this, i want to meet you, to find out your story, what makes you special and the same, to challenge and support you and to have a fabulous time...
k, i've got to go hit a few refresh buttons and cry a few more sparkle ponies dry. i'm giving my self 10 more days of hope, then i'll be sending my camp and our party to playa, so i'll make it one way or another. friday 420 party @ big puffy yellow (ring road, esplanade)... oh and stop by the core projects from the south. i help build the bamboozler prototype.( write my name on it please) oh it's going to be fiery just like me.
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Postby johnnyfilms » Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:00 pm

hi camp is bringing up an awesome art car that is basically a round party bed/couch with a plexiglas little stage rising out of the center...for gogo dancing. haha we'd love to come by and take ur camp to the party!! About myself, I did 4 burns then took last year off as i just couldnt get together the needed funds. This year i applied for the low income tix in march but they had already closed that off. I just got caught by surprise with the overall cut off. Oh and i'd be happy to help set up anything necessary...i have lots of building skills. Btw, i live in Koreatown. Thanks for the fun givaway!!! :)

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Postby phantasmagoric » Wed Aug 17, 2011 2:22 pm

Hi Steppy,
I don't know if you're still offering! I burned for 7 years, and 2010 was going to be number 8, but I had to say goodbye to my ticket after a severe injury on July 29, 2010. While hiking, I broke my left ankle in 2 places, had to be rescued, 2 surgeries... no walking at all for 3 months! I was still planning to go, then my surgeon said no way, the heat could cause a blood clot. This year, I was just plain too late getting a ticket; didn't realize it was going to sell out. If you decide to gift me, you'll have my eternal gratitude, plus an invitation to visit me here in beautiful Blue Jean (Eugene), Oregon, where I will roll out the red carpet and feed you delicious meals from my large organic garden, including honey from our very own beehives.
I thank you for your generous spirit.
Ellen aka Typhoone
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Postby DocGuy » Wed Aug 17, 2011 10:19 pm

No "It's Gone!" post yet... so perhaps I still have a chance.

My name's Jeff, and should I get to go this year, I would be a first time Burner.

I've been planning to go to BM2011 for about 3 years now. It all started with my best friend Allen. This is Allen (he pours a mean black and tan):


Anyway, let's jump back to 2005. That was the first (and last) time Allen went to the burn. He returned full of dirt, stories, and excitement, insisting he would be going back. In 2006, he moved to Antwerp, Belgium. I would have to jump even farther back to 2003, when he spent about 8 months there and insisted he would go back there, as well... but I won't do that. Anyway, 2006, he finally makes his dream of living in Antwerp come true. As one of 4 co-owners/operaters of a web hosting company (powered by renewable energy which had its genesis at BM2005), he was in a position to work from anywhere. Antwerp even made more sense as the cost of living was cheaper, and it was easier to provide 24 hour support to clients with him living in a completely different time zone. So... I threw him a big going away party and everything. Here's a flyer:


About a month after he moved, I went to visit for a month... and wound up staying for 5! Antwerp is an awesome place. We also made it to Paris, Salzburg, Munich (Oktoberfest!), Prague, and Amsterdam together. Here's a photo of Allen in front of Notre Dame on the phone with his father, who we were supposed to meet there but was 3 hours late:


And this is Allen and me at the Steen in Antwerp:


Alright, alright... cut to 2008. Allen decides "I'm going to Burning Man in 2011, and I'm taking as many friends from Europe as possible with me. 3 years should be enough time for anybody to save up the money if they're really committed."

So, here we are in 2011. Allen is coming back to the USA with 2 "really committed" friends. Airfare is purchased and everything. And then BLAM! FIRST TIME EVER! TICKETS SELL OUT! So between the 4 of us, we only purchased 2 tickets before they sold out... and still need 2 more.

With all of this about Allen, here's a little about me:

I'm a filmmaker/photographer... or at least I'm figuring out how to make a living at those while I work my day job at a movie theater. Here is a youtube clip of some time lapse I recently shot:

I finished film school a couple of years ago with the intention of going on to make documentaries. So far I have only managed to complete some (mostly) frivolous zombie and sci-fi shorts and a pretty cool music video for chiptune band 8 Bit Weapon. I am currently working on a documentary (working title: The Bottom Line), about Allen's company, the crazy people that own/run it, and the idea of a business operating with a focus that extends beyond profit. I am really hoping I get the opportunity to shoot some footage at Burning Man where they will, of course, have a company meeting.

I'm not sure what assistance I can offer you on the Playa. But anything you ask, I will certainly do my best! If you want any photos or video or have any ideas for specific time lapse shots... I can certainly do that.

Off the playa, while I don't work at a bar or club, I work at a movie theater that has a bar! I'll gladly take you to any free movies you want! And, of course, you would get a "special thanks" credit when The Bottom Line is completed.

Either way, dude, you rock. With all the scalpers and scammers out there, it's nice to see somebody showing some respect for the gift economy.

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Postby Psyaturn » Thu Aug 18, 2011 2:28 am

I sent u a PM,

figured I'd post here too..
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Postby IndieAndromeda » Thu Aug 18, 2011 8:41 am

When/how will we find out when you have made your choice fine sir?
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Postby Steppy » Thu Aug 18, 2011 11:40 am

Thanks to everyone that participated.

The responses were interesting and varied. I honestly wish everyone well in finding a ticket. I wish we had more to gift this year, but they're gone now.

Some have requested feedback about the process. It's very imperfect and caused me a lot of angst, but here it is. Answers to popular questions/forthcoming questions:

  • No, I didn't take anything in exchange.
  • I chose someone for whom one single ticket solved their problem. Multiple ticket needs were considered, but since we couldn't control whether camps and groups would get the others they need, we thought finding someone that needed just one worked best.
  • I wanted someone local because I wanted to put the ticket into their hand vs. mailing it. I also wanted their name so it can be put with boxoffice so the ticket cannot be resold.
  • I did not receive any offers of sex.
  • I did receive more than one offer of money, which for some reason I found really interesting.
  • I received more than one request that essentially said "I don't deserve it, but...." Ummm...I hope your job interviewing tactics are different than that!
  • I found out that some people gift really creepy things on playa.

Good luck and I'll see some of you in the desert.

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