RADICAL way to make up for your Burn's carbon emission <3

Buy, sell, or gift tickets for the 2010 Burning Man event

Do you think its awesome you can calculate your Burn-related footprint and gift funds that go to grants for frontline communities fighting extraction and pollution from fossil fuels???

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RADICAL way to make up for your Burn's carbon emission <3

Postby AmazonHilly » Sat Jan 22, 2011 1:28 pm

Do you feel inclined to purchase offsets for your carbon footprint, but are skeptical of the bazillions of offset programs out there? Well, check out this new kick-ass program: Rainforest Action Network just released our own version of a carbon offset program called the Climate Action Fund (CAF).

Climate Action Fund helps you calculate your emissions and lets you pay according to your tonnage of carbon. But what differentiates us from other traditional offsets programs is that [b]your money goes STRAIGHT to front-line community activists fighting the fossil fuel industry[/b].

Climate Action Fund uses your contribution to give as small grants to dedicated activists involved in cool projects such as fighting to shut down power plants and lobbying against coal mining permits. So far, we’ve given grants to Black Mesa Water Coalition, Coal River Mountain Watch, Little Village Environmental Justice Coalition, and Climate Ground Zero. And we want to give many more!

Right now, we are asking people, organizations and businesses to sign on as a CAF member and address their carbon emissions! Every little bit helps- please check out our website at [url]www.ran.org/caf[/url].

This is gifting that benefits communities beyond the playa. Hope you can help out! Thanks so much, have a great burn.

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