**Burning Man Tickets 2 for 1**

Buy, sell, or gift tickets for the 2010 Burning Man event

**Burning Man Tickets 2 for 1**

Postby Nagual Wind » Tue Aug 31, 2010 4:31 pm

[b]Greetings Fellow Burners:[/b]

We are getting close.
Yes !
This is my 14th year at Burning Man and I love the playa and the community.
[b]In order to get there this year I am requesting your prayers and assistance.
Please read :[/b]
For 13 years I have been an integral part of Burning Man and fully support the D.I.Y. lifestyle and gift economy.
I have volunteered for Burning Man for the entire 13 years from the Gate,DPW,Center Camp Cafe,Earth Guardians,Recycling Camp,Sanctuary and Playa Restoration.
My first Burning Man gig was working the gate in 1996 and staying for the clean-up working with DPW back in the good ol' days and every year I have volunteered for Playa Restoration.
For the past 10 years I have volunteered in the Center Camp Cafe as the "Green Team Manager" residing on the playa long after all of you have journeyed home in order to clean it up and "leave no trace".
I have resided post-playa from 3 weeks to 2.5 months back in the day.
That means cleaning up all the junk no one else wants to do and dismantling the entire Center Camp Cafe until all we see is an immaculate playa.
Mooping the same spots over and over.
[b]All of the dedicated,hard-working volunteers at
Burning Man do it because we believe in it and I wish everyone on the playa mooped for a full day and to those of you that do
***Thank you***[/b]
Approximately one month ago today I was in a "freak accident" and was rushed to the hospital everyone thought my hand was broken and luckily it was not.However, it was a severely sprained left hand with nerve damage and the Doctors placed me in a cast and told me to rest for 4-10 weeks in order to heal.So I have been and my hand is getting better and I am healing well and at the time I did not know how long it would take to heal.I resigned from my position at the Center Camp Cafe because I did not know if I would be able to fulfill my obligations this year with one hand.
[b]****We work hard, really hard.*****[/b]
I also serve the community as a Ceremonialist,Ordained Minister,Curandera,Herbalist,Nutritionalist,CNA,and Spiritual Counselor.
At Burning Man and many festivals,gatherings and ceremonies throughout the world I build ceremonial grounds and assist weary travelers and help ground the energy. For over 17 years I have worked in accordance with Rangers,BLM,festival organizers,EMT'S,Ceremonialists,Security and Medical Staff to assist in the "behind the scenes" calamities that sometimes occur at festivals and gatherings and to provide grounded,nurturing support in all types of situations.
This year we will be doing it again as we create ceremonial grounds complete with temples,teepees,meditation grounds,moonlodge,sunlodge,sacred hoop/medicine wheel,a zendo,etc.
I am an integral part of bridging this peacefulness to the playa and need to be there.If you or someone you know has benefited from the "Ceremonial Grounds" at Burning Man or other festivals please reach out and help a Ceremonialist get there to serve the community this year.

For the first time in 14 years I am not on early arrival and do not have my ticket in hand and this is big for me as I am dedicated to Burning Man 150%.I have been reaching out to my community for the past few weeks seeking an extra ticket and have not found one yet.
I did not feel comfortable posting on Craigs List,Eplaya or anything like that.
A dear friend who is a member of the Pyronauts suggested posting out to a broad spectrum of networks.
[b]So here it goes.....
The goal is to manifest a gift ticket from the community this year.
I am not asking for a hand-out as I believe in D.I.Y and I believe in community and sometimes one has to reach out and ask for help and that is not all ways easy for me to do as I am used to giving and am now learning how to receive.[/b]
[b][b]Por favor, pray with me this year me to learn how to receive.
****I hereby request a Burning Man Ticket be gifted to Zdawg for "Metropolis 2010" I receive it in grace and gratitude and it is so.****

****I pray to receive a perfect way to attend Burning Man "Metropolis 2010" and that I receive it in grace and gratitude and it is so.***[/b]

I trust in divine intervention and the gifting economy.[/b]

I also have a dear friend who has the ways and means to buy a "reasonably priced ticket ($150-230)" for himself and possibly you have two tickets he buys one and you gift me the other.
[b]*I am open to all possibilities at this time.*[/b]
[b]Por favor email/call me to work something out as PM on eplaya is not all ways accessible.[/b]

Muchas Gracias
Thank you
Viva La Playa
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin,
Z a.k.a Zdawg
nagual at buffalo dot com
:wink: :wink: [u][/u][u][/u][u][/u]
Nagual Wind
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Postby changoloco » Tue Aug 31, 2010 10:35 pm

So in brief you are saying that you and your buddy need a couple of cheap tickets, correct?
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*Burning Man Tickets 2 for 1*

Postby Nagual Wind » Wed Sep 01, 2010 12:11 am

Hola Changoloco:

Como estas tu ?
Si es correcto.
Either that or a divine miracle from above and a gifting of a ticket to me.
One year where I did not have to work so hard with one hand would be nice....yet even with one hand I am still hard working.
Just want to get to the playa.
My crew is wondering where I am at.
They are all there and I am here.

Do u have any extras ?

Paz y luz,
Nagual Wind
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