Lady Virgins to the Burn! Need Help! Willing to Work it Off.

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Lady Virgins to the Burn! Need Help! Willing to Work it Off.

Postby NatielMarie » Tue Aug 24, 2010 4:46 pm

Hey Hey!! My name is Natiel and my best friend Heather and I are looking for ways to raise 300 a peice to get to Burning Man! We have never been before, and we have been saving up since this time last year so that THIS year we could be a part of what has been built up in our minds as pretty much the best week long trip EVER!

We had over a thousand dollars saved in a pretty little box that we spent a whole day decorating specifically for Burning Man. We had a few good friends over from out of town (Montana) who I grew up with and when they left, so did our box as well as our supplies we had gathered throughout the year whithout our knowledge. Now we have three days to raise the money all over again.

We are resorting to things such as car washes and playing music on the streets of Seattle. Its hard to raise enough money due to the high volume of street peddlers in the area and for that reason alone we are not taken seriously and have only made 60 bucks so far.

Both of us are willing and able to work off our tickets while at The Burn if we can come to some sort of agreement. Any donations would also be much appreciated and undoubtedly rewarded by the universe as well as ourselves if information is exchanged. :D

Please Help Us!! We need this life changing experience! We want to be a part of the Magic!

For information on donating or setting up a work plan, please email me at We look forward to hearing from everyone! And if you have any other ideas, they would also be much appreciated! Thanks for your time!!

Love and Kisses

Natiel & Heather (a.k.a. Double Trouble) :wink:
We only wish for a hug and a kiss from everyone. Itll be so much fun, But we are here and you are where? Burning Man! Please will you help us get there? :)
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