Samba Drummers and Dancers for your ART CAR!!!

Samba Drummers and Dancers for your ART CAR!!!

Postby pescadorr » Fri Aug 20, 2010 9:03 pm

Hey we have a funky crew that would love to join with you! on your art car that is...booming funky samba drums(we got the bass), talented samba dancers...sound fun?

we can bring our drums and play with your system or hold our own grooves or bring an ipod and do the whole show.

come find us at 4:30 and Athens. Samba Stilt Circus Camp and Trip Delight.

we're the ones with the kissing booth, spanking booth, stilt bar, dome. afternoons would be great.

email me at and here too, or find us out in the desert...

kevin aka pescadorr
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