japanese psytrance audio car - sick beats, who were they?

japanese psytrance audio car - sick beats, who were they?

Postby nigeltufnel » Tue Sep 18, 2007 2:08 am

my favorite beats of the weekend came from this japanese-teahouse-lookin audio art car at 4:30 am the morning after the burn. it had a lot of cds strung up in mesh on the outside of it. my crew were biking just 8 o'clock side of the (smoldering) man when we stumbled onto it. we ended up parking and boogying there till well after sunise cuz of how sick the tracks were.

the first dj (my favorite) came over and introduced himself as "fumi" or "tumi" or something similar. he didn't speak much english. i've found "satoshi fumi" listed online, but the stuff is ambient and the guy we heard was definitely spinning goa/psytrance. we asked the next dj what the name of the mutant vehicle or their camp was, but didn't get any clear answer - these guys really weren't understanding much of the english. but they knew how to shred with the psytrance.

look familiar to anybody? i'd love to track these guys down!

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Postby oib » Fri Oct 12, 2007 7:37 am

Hey that us!

We were camping at 9 o'clock/A and called our artcar project by the name "Omusubi Engine". It was our first Japanese global collaborative project. We had a great experience out there!

Yup, most of the Japanese who have joined this project came from far east Japan, and rest of them from local LA and NY. Like you mentioned some of us don't even speak English language.. but the music overcomes that!

In LA, "Rotunda" is a one of the participating organizing team and in NY, "Activate" is the other one. There were several more organizers from Japan joined the team too.

I believe at the time of your visit, it was back-to-back playing by Masuke (Tokyo) and Fumi (NY), because those two were the only ones played psytrance. It was easy for me to point it out, because many of us played progressive trance or tech house, etc...
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Here`s some youtube pictures.

Postby oib » Fri Dec 28, 2007 7:05 am

My friend made this documentary of the japanese artcar project.

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Postby mdmf007 » Fri Dec 28, 2007 10:02 am

very cool project
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Postby capjbadger » Thu Jan 03, 2008 12:08 pm

Great project. Sadly I never could climb aboard simply due to the sound level being so high that it was painful.
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