want to dance on stage in my zombie production?

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want to dance on stage in my zombie production?

Postby KiaOra » Thu Aug 17, 2006 2:06 pm

come dance with me!
this is lily, from tribe...i know, different names all confusing...anyway...

friday night, i am setting up a performance at the red nose district. i need 10-20 male and female dancers to be a part of it! it is not really a production...it is a short piece. literally, only about 2 minutes long. it is a choreographed dance...z choreographed zombie dance. it will be high-class corpses, men in ragged tuxes and tophats...maybe canes. women in corsetts and tattered dresses. makeup and hair will be done by pro's, to make you all dead-looking, but hopefully you can provide your own costume. if not, i have limited provisions, and im sure plenty of people around us can help too! this will be performed on stage, with awesome lighting/fx, music system, etc etc. but i need more people to perform!

email me at linzraz@gmail.com if youre interested, or look my up on tribe:) my tribe name is just lily.

come dance with the dead!
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