Virgin Burner...Been dreaming of it for 9 years now!

Virgin Burner...Been dreaming of it for 9 years now!

Postby KirboTurbo » Wed Aug 07, 2013 3:05 pm

Just got my OMG ticket!

I think they named it aptly:

OMG! I am finally going!!
OMG! What do I do now?!
OMG! I waited too long to start planning!
OMG! Will my Durango make it that far?!
OMG! Where did I put those costumes I made 4 years ago when I had my ticket but couldn't make it?!
OMG! Will they still fit?!
OMG! Where will I set up camp at?!
OMG! I better reread the Survuval guide for the 9th year in a row!
OMG! I can't wait!
OMG! I don't have enough time!

Needless to say, I hope I don't prematurely combust before I get there!

Seriously folks, I need a camp because I am coming by myself!
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Re: Virgin Burner...Been dreaming of it for 9 years now!

Postby Savannah » Wed Aug 07, 2013 3:14 pm

Welcome, KirbyTurbo! :D

I'm glad you've read the Survival Guide so many times; you'll probably be fine. Camps are optional. It's better to be alone and challenged and proud of how you did than camp with a group that sucks the energy out of you. Friendly faces are everywhere. You don't have to be part of a camp to visit or make friends there.

If you go alone, focus on good shade first.

Where Do I Camp?

A few camps are still accepting people. But whether you join one or not, you'll be surrounded by people unless you camp wayyy out in "Walk-In Camping".

2013 Theme Camps
*** 2013 Survival Guide ***

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Re: Virgin Burner...Been dreaming of it for 9 years now!

Postby jkisha » Wed Aug 07, 2013 9:32 pm

Hey there, welcome to eplaya!
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Re: Virgin Burner...Been dreaming of it for 9 years now!

Postby Milayna » Wed Aug 07, 2013 9:47 pm

Maybe consider camping in a village? I went solo last year (my first year!) knowing absolutely no one. I camped with the village of Hushville and had a wonderful time. For me it was just nice to have a set place to go once I got through the gate, helped ease my anxiety a bit, but like others have said you will make friends with your neighbors wherever you camp so don't worry too much about needing to be with a camp, it really isn't necessary.

And congratulations on finally making the trip!!! :D
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