Rideshare update troubles....

We're doing it wrong...we know

Rideshare update troubles....

Postby BBTPP1954 » Mon Jul 14, 2008 9:01 am

I noticed my entry had been modified, but I didn't do it. It had a bunch of spam attached to it. Lovely. Now the listing as far as I can tell, is gone. Worse, there's a seeming disconnect as I can't search for any 2008 entries. I tried putting in a new entry; it doesn't seem to have been posted. Very strange overall. As it's only about five weeks until I leave for BRC, I'd like to find some fool-proof (perhaps I'm the fool) of updating/adding my entry again, then a method to periodically check the entry to make sure it hasn't been mangled or snarfed. Thanks to any one that can give advice.
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