LIVING PULSE Project & CoRe Theme Camp INVITATION (Bay A

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LIVING PULSE Project & CoRe Theme Camp INVITATION (Bay A

Postby Iris Clearwater » Thu Mar 01, 2007 8:35 am


We are creating a dynamic participatory sound sculpture that is
(briefly) a circle of musical trees that you can climb in and play, with
a larger listening tree in the center that has a glowing pulsing red
heart inside. There will be spools of red fabric on either side that
you can unwind and use to connect the branches of the trees together.
Also we are inviting 6 Bay Area community groups to participate with us
by painting banners that will stretch between the trees. We are
creating a playa wide game to interact with the installation and the
other art works and camps on the playa.

We also are a part of the theme camp Collective Regeneration (CoRe).

YOU are invited to participate with us! We are in San Francisco and the
East Bay, and would like to expand our community to include more people
in our project and camp. We have bi-weekly meetings (one this Sunday
March 4 - new guests welcome, 3-6pm). We are interested in people who
want to help make the sculpture, do electrical wiring for LEDs in the
trees and solar, help with outreach and fundraising, throwing our party
in April, hosting workshops, performing at our sunset heart-lighting
ceremonies, giving concerts with our trees, having workshops or rituals
in the grove and/or at our CoRe dome, creating an amazing camp, leading
the banner making workshops, and numerous other creative ways to
participate! Please contact me if you are interested! Lots of love,
Iris* 415.312.2214

*Iris Clearwater
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