playa playmate wanted by virgin burner

Materials and expertise...whether you need them or have them to share, you can let folks know here.

Postby theCryptofishist » Mon Jul 27, 2009 8:13 pm

ygmir wrote:
Igneouss wrote:
AntiM wrote:Ahem. Could we keep the personal spats off the eplaya?

Funny how a few individuals can say or do just about anything here. And generally add -0- to the discussion.

You can find the same 3 or 4 IDs drifting just about any thread you choose.

I wonder if the moderators have any realistic idea how many people never post on ePlaya because they are not interested in dealing with the obsessed, hyper-posting posse?

I propose an experiment: limit these folks to 2 posts per day for one month. I bet it would make a huge change in the quality and tone of most threads. If it doesn't work, then turn 'em loose again.

hey now, what did I do to you?
I take some umberage at your post, and tone..........

I'm a timid little fellow, just havin' fun......don't pick on me.........

I may be a Don Knotts twin, but, I'm really quick............

Ah, but how can we limit "these folks" if you won't name names?
The Lady with a Lamprey

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Man, no wonder they always win....." Lonesomebri

Get a Taint, you pathetic cur!
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Postby Badger » Mon Jul 27, 2009 9:04 pm

Igneouss, is that avatar of yours one of them bad ass Burgess shale Anomalocaris predators?
Desert dogs drink deep.

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