when to consider a scholarship ticket

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when to consider a scholarship ticket

Postby alienfry » Sat Apr 23, 2005 11:29 pm

so i've had my low-income ticket application ready since january or so. HAH! the killer part is, you have to send in the dough with the application. i've seen level after level sell out. every month unexpected things happen and my burning-budget gets put on hold (or at least limited). that $145 seems daunting. i can put away $5 - $20 on supplies every month, which i usually spend because i see things on sale or what-not.

for those of you who scrapped the low-income route and applied for scholarship, what was the final reaon why?

see, i have in my mind that there are people in greater need than me.

but truth be told, after years of camping and burning, i have all the supplies. i KNOW how to eat cheap. i know how to pull together my camp on minimal funds (assuming i stop playing the role of santa claus for campmates who fall on hard times). blah blah blah I CAN PULL OFF THE REST OF MY TRIP WITH MINIMAL COSTS.

i guess i'm comparing my fiscal means this year with what my means were last year.

this year that $105 difference between the low-income ticket and current prices will simply make or break me. shit, with a free ticket i'd have more dough for contributing to BRC (and for eating better than simply hotdogs all week).

please do me a favor and say "dude, YOU CAN DO IT. apply for the scholarship ticket!" and then give me tips on how to succeed going that route.
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low imcome apps

Postby bex » Mon Apr 25, 2005 2:00 pm

sounds to me like you are a perfect candidate for a low income or scholarship ticket (and i'm one of the ones who reviews them). i would recommend sending in and applying for one as soon as you can.

scholarship tickets are slightly different - for detailed info about them send email to: scholarship@burningman.com

good luck!
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