I lost a necklace

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I lost a necklace

Postby efrost » Mon Jan 10, 2005 12:10 pm

...it is a small leather drawstring sack about the size of a silver dollar or slightly smaller; it contained small pieces of glass. These are small pieces of the melted, neon glass from the man, collected by dear friends of mine after the man burned and fell in 2003 and presented to me on the Playa in 2004. 2003 was my virgin year and it was magical; the burn had very deep and significant meaning for me in terms of where my life is now. My friends recognized this and gave this to me at camp upon their arrival (we were Furtopia at 7:30 and Venus). I believe I lost it the night of the Pagoda burn probably at or near the Pagoda burn. The string which served as its drawstring was also the necklace. It was also leather but VERY thin...
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