lost at hookah dome - blue toque and headlamp

Leave your camera somewhere? Bike wander away? Find a headlamp? Connect with your stuff or people you seek here. (hopefully...)

lost at hookah dome - blue toque and headlamp

Postby serendipity » Mon Dec 20, 2004 10:31 pm

are you from the hookah dome?!

its a long shot, but i really want them back... burn night, in the hookah dome, i left my toque (that's canadian for "warm knit hat") that is baby blue, navy blue and has an orange stripe. it has a snowboarding company name on it, i forget which one, something like "split" or "arson".
i also left behind my headlamp.

i still haven't been able to find a hat as good as that one was. and its effing cold up here in canada now.
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