Emily, Rick and Golden Grahams!

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Emily, Rick and Golden Grahams!

Postby Quiet Man » Sun Sep 19, 2004 9:39 am

Aryonda and Chris (that's me) met you guys at Playa Info around 3:30am one morning. You were looking for Golden Grahams. We had wanted to get some sort of contact info for you guys before we left but kept forgetting.

Also, we came by Sunday night after the Temple Burn to drop off the blanket but you were nowhere to be found. I guess this means we'll <i>have</i> to come back next year so we can return the blanket to you. :) By the way, that blanket was MUCH appreciated the night you loaned it to me. It kept me really warm all the way back to camp.

I was just hoping to be able to say THANK YOU! to you two for making our week that much better. Thanks! And we'll see you next year! Feel free to email me at <i>burningman(at)myworld1(dot)com</i> if you want to stay in touch!
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