Looking for Shy Guy I meet @ Camp Smite...

Leave your camera somewhere? Bike wander away? Find a headlamp? Connect with your stuff or people you seek here. (hopefully...)

Looking for Shy Guy I meet @ Camp Smite...

Postby Luna Pantera » Fri Sep 17, 2004 3:52 pm


I really had a good time the night we first talked and a better time when we got together. Sorry I couldn't talk to you when you stopped by the Cafe, but it was a busy night. I would love to visit your boat sometime, or hear your jazz band play, and even if you don't get this message, I hope you got my message that you are a very handsome, funny, talented guy! And I totally adored you singing to me that night, it was what won me over!!!

Keep making the music you love, and don't let the bull get you down!!!

Hope you had a good time at Burning Man!!!

From the Black Witch who totally dug you!!!

"Live each day as though it were you last. That doesn't mean living in the shadows; jump, dance laugh, sing and remember you are loved. You are a child of the universe."
Luna Pantera
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