looking for Matt from Reno!

Leave your camera somewhere? Bike wander away? Find a headlamp? Connect with your stuff or people you seek here. (hopefully...)

looking for Matt from Reno!

Postby spacegirl » Mon Sep 13, 2004 11:33 pm

apologies if this is posted multiple times! just looking for a re-connection :-) matt! i hope this isn't a total long shot and that you get this note. i just wanted to say i had a really great time tripping around with you after the burn and into the morning. we lost track of you somewhere along the morning bike ride, and i'm sad that we never met up again! :-( the deep end was supposed to go all day, but alas, they weren't, as we all figured out.

if you get this message, drop me a line - i would love to reconnect.

and if you happen to know who i'm talking about - please forward to the right guy, thanks!

~andrea, aka spacegirl
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