My friends ditched me and im stranded in Gerlach

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My friends ditched me and im stranded in Gerlach

Postby TreyZilla » Thu Aug 29, 2013 11:48 am

My name is Trey and I am a DJ and producer from Oakland. I showed up to will call 2 days ago to find a ticket with my 3 friends. At one point we resold one ticket that we earned for less than we bought it for with a promise from the guy that he would return to us with 2 more tickets from inside. He never came back. All my friends got tickets and went in to the Burn, leaving me stranded at will call. I hitched a ride into Gerlach yesterday (after having been awake all night) and stayed up until midnight this morning with a sign in my hand. All of my food, clothes, and bedding (i slept in a tent, that a very nice new friend lent to me, in the desert last night) are in the Burn and I am stranded here in Gerlach with $340 and no ticket. But I do have a smile on my face and am full of hope. If you can help me I would be very appreciative and thankful. I gotta get inside. You can reach me at 5037813036. Hope this works...
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Re: My friends ditched me and im stranded in Gerlach

Postby bruce_w » Thu Aug 29, 2013 3:45 pm

I would hardly call that stranded - especially considering ur cash position. I would head over to the bike rental place across from the shell station. There has been a rather large gathering of "burners" there for the last few days, bring a case of beer with u and you'll have no trouble having a good time. IMO

And then when Sunday rolls around hitching a ride should be cake
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