LOST: 2 tone Brown Columbia Back Pack w bottom patch

LOST: 2 tone Brown Columbia Back Pack w bottom patch

Postby bex » Thu Sep 13, 2012 9:40 am


I managed to loose my 2 tone brown and tan/khaki columbia back pack on the pirate ship wreck on Friday night.

It has a black courderoy patch on the bottom because the pack is so battered it has holes and stuff was falling out.

Inside is a striped blue sweater which I could care less about.

The most important bit I am trying to locate is my beloved denim jacket. There are studs all along the shoulders on the back (done by meself innit!), there is a patch of skull n bones w a clown nose on the back as well. On the front is a heart stiched into one of the pockets and on the other side a patch that says 'kill as many zombies and vampires as possible"

Also in the bag was probably a pair of over sized yellow sunglasses and maybe some USA sunglasses. Also realizing that my beloved scarf with roses and skulls on it hasn't re-appeared post playa so was probably in that bag as well.

I currently live in London but will be in the SF Bay Area until the 24th of Sept. After that a trip to NYC, Denver and Austin TX so if by magic you happened to have found it and have it in one of those cities, I could pick it up in person. If not, I will gladly pay the postage to have it sent to me in one of those places or in my hometown London UK

Ringing any bells? I sure would like to get my jacket back as I did all the work on it myself AND it's the jacket I brought with me on my holiday and I'm skint.

Thanks for reading.

Fingers and toes crossed.
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