Stowaways & Arriving Without Tickets

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Stowaways & Arriving Without Tickets

Postby trilobyte » Thu Aug 07, 2014 10:36 am

Any vehicle found to have a stowaway on board will have tickets and vehicle pass confiscated from ALL passengers, the vehicle will be denied entry, and everyone on board will be sent home.

Vehicle being denied entry means that even if you're traveling in a group of vehicles, a friend/campmate from another car will not be able to take the vehicle to camp and unload everybody else's stuff. It just gets turned around and sent away. Actions have consequences. With no tickets at the gate, anyone turned away would either end up lingering and trying to sneak across under cover of darkness (sure it'd be fun for the perimeter guys), or be cited/fined in Gerlach, or be that person that potentially died of exposure/dehydration trying to walk home in the desert.

If you are making arrangements to have someone else haul some of your supplies/gear to the playa, make sure they're dependable enough not to try and bring a stowaway. Drivers, make sure that all your passengers either have tickets in hand or printouts of the stuff they'll need for Will Call upon arrival. If anyone in the vehicle does not have an event ticket, the entire vehicle will be turned around and sent back to Reno.

Do not bring a ticketless burner into the area and drop them off at Gerlach (or other towns along the 447). Local law enforcement plans to step up their efforts, and will likely be issuing citations/fines and possibly sending people back to Reno.
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