Artists Seeking Stages

Building art? Planning to perform? Building a stage or performance space? Talk about it here.

Artists Seeking Stages

Postby trilobyte » Sat Oct 01, 2011 8:17 pm

Artists & Performers - Tell us about yourself, your art, and what you'd like to try and do. You may also want to mention whether you've got your ticket sorted. You should have no expectation of a camp or stage offering you tickets in exchange for performing.

Stage Builders - Browse this list and check out what's offered. If you see something that looks like a good fit for your camp/project, send the poster a PM to express interest and sort out the details.

Good luck!

Friends, fans, and promoters - please do not post here. If you'd like to see a particular artist on the playa, reach out to them directly and encouraged them to get involved.
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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby Undecided » Mon Oct 03, 2011 12:51 pm

I'll go first since I have every intention of returning :)

Hiya Friends, My name is Chris and as a DJ/producer I go by Undecided. For a long time I have been struggling to find inspiration in my music, but in 2011 my eyes were opened at Burning Man. For the first time in quite a while I was DJing for an amazing group of people that truly appreciated the music I was playing. It was amazing to see people focused on having such a good time and cutting out most of the b.s. attitudes that comes along with parties. I could be wrong, but for the most part it seems that across the country breaks have been working their way out of the scene, but that is not at all the case at Burning Man. I was able to play originals, edits and a few of my favorite breaks tunes and the people there were so receptive that it leaves me still thinking about it. I would like to thank Playaground for giving me the opportunity and for opening my eyes to the music and the people I love once again. When planning for the upcoming year I would love to be considered for one of your dance events.

Name: Undecided
Style: Breaks & Some House

Please PM me on EPlaya if you are interested in speaking with me :)
(Have My Ticket)
Chris (Undecided) | 2011 Dusty B'Owl | 2012 Sparklepony Express | Soundcloud
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Re: Stages Seeking Artists!

Postby trilobyte » Sat Oct 15, 2011 1:57 pm

If your friends are planning to come to the playa, they should join the site and post something about their acts/performances themselves.
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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby Cheyenne » Tue Oct 25, 2011 3:06 pm

Next year I'm bringing my Welsh Harp and Arabic flute and a full Morris dancing team...

So watch out you laptop whores!!!

Go Tigers!
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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby calm » Thu Oct 27, 2011 9:55 am


Just a DJ - i play mostly ambient with influences of house, dub, drum and bass, glitch and -hop.

name: .Terra

some artists i enjoy spinning (short list):
rena jones
richard devine
ltj bukem
art department

would love to play some sunset/sunrise sets.

please get a hold of me!!
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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby biggie1110 » Wed Nov 02, 2011 7:10 am


We are "Sons of the Southside" from Knoxville Tennessee. Is there anybody that would be able to help us feel out any oppurtunities for our band to play next year at the Burning Man Festival? We are a four piece band (drums, bass, guitar, guitar/vocal), we can bring all our own equipment, we require no financial compensation.

You can check the band online on facebook. Just search for Sons of the Southside.
We also have a website. The adress is

It would truly be an honor to participate with you next august. We hope to see you there.

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Deep, Tech, Prog, Techno DJ Seeking Stage

Postby Goldcap » Thu Nov 03, 2011 7:57 am

Hi, Im looking to perform at one of the Burning Man Stages for 2012, I have performed in the LA area including venues such as Vanguard, Standard, Mirage, ect. links to my music are listed below. Thanks
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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby Manteau » Tue Nov 08, 2011 9:31 pm


I am a Norwegian producer and DJ with great urge of sharing my sounds with the desert fam.

I have been playing alongside genre artists such as Toomy Disco, Prins Thomas, Todd Terje, Ralph Myerz, Prince Language, Fare Soldi, and many many more.

For Burning Man 2012 I have hours of sweet electronic and deep disco music ready for any large woofer stage.

Please check out my sounds through this link and hit me up if you are interested in hearing more!

Fair winds,

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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby CanyonDecay » Wed Dec 14, 2011 1:17 pm

I'm an electronic producer/performer from Austin, Tx. If your camp would like to have a progressive electronic performance then I hope that you'll consider having me join you.

Here is a link to an all star mix that I made, it summarizes my sound
pretty well.

I can also serve as a multi-instrumentalist for jam sessions; guitar, drums, keys, brass, whateva. My email is; if this all sounds intriguing then I'd love to
hear back from y'all. Laters.

Best regards,

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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby trilobyte » Fri Dec 16, 2011 6:32 pm

Guys, this is a working thread. That means that if you're not an artist or performer talking about what you do (as the first post explains), it doesn't belong in this thread and it will be removed. Thanks.
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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby Karl_Sav » Sun Jan 08, 2012 10:22 pm

Hi there,

My name is Karl Sav - I am a breakbeat dj and producer from Australia. I will be in the US for an extended period of time in the second half of this year and was planning on hitting burning man. Ive heard so many wonderful things about it and a few of my mates have played at it (Dopamine/Shack (Elite Force) and have nothing but good things to say about it.

I produce what is commonly coined "Progressive Breaks" and usually dj that style too and I have been told that what I produce and play would be perfect for something like Burning man. I love music with depth, soul, melody and that also has longevity. I also make the odd psybreaks tune here and there.

I would love to be able to play at Burning Man at a stage that is relevant to my sound (think Hybrid/BT etc) . Some of you in the breakbeat scene may already be familiar with what I do. If not then this is to introduce myself :).

Even if I dont get to play I would love to experience all that Burning Man has to offer :).

You can hear some of my original work on this soundcloud set:

... and you can hear a live mix from me playing at the Soundfeer Festival in Prague in 2011 here:

Karl Sav
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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby Tijuana Cartel » Mon Jan 09, 2012 11:23 pm

Tijuana cartel,

We've been dreaming of BM for too many years now, this is the year we'll finally cross the ocean from Australia,

Glitch, breaks,minimal flamenco a Middle Eastern weirdness, we've played rainbow serpent over here for the last four years...

here's some linkage
Tijuana Cartel
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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby Undecided » Tue Jan 10, 2012 10:46 am

Welcome Karl, my fellow breakbeat brethren.
Chris (Undecided) | 2011 Dusty B'Owl | 2012 Sparklepony Express | Soundcloud
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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby djkilldyl » Thu Jan 12, 2012 4:01 am

Hi Guys,

Whats crack'a'lackin?

Im a DJ / Producer from Perth in Western Australia, currently signed to Plasmapool/Plasma.Digital. You can check out my releases on beatport by looking up "Kill Dyl". I've got a couple of new EP's coming out over the next 2 months, so I'll definately be dropping plenty of my tunes.

As for my Djing ... I have been the #1 Electro DJ in the Perth Dance Music Awards over the last 2 years. I play at Ambar on a regular basis. I play Electro/Techno/Techfunk/Breaks and all sorts. Im pretty flexible.

I'm looking to get involved with some cool theme camps as well as I want to get the whole Burning Man experience. I'll be in the US for about a month leading up to Burning Man so wouldn't mind hearing about good parties in Vegas and LA the couple of weeks before as well.

You can listen to some of my stuff here:

Here's a live set I recorded when I warmed up for Elite Force in Perth ....

Really looking forward to this !!! Cannot wait!!!


Dyl aka ... Kill Dyl
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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby loprogression » Thu Jan 19, 2012 8:57 am

Hi everyone,

Pretty dang stoked to make my way out to the playa this year!

I have both a glitch/dub project as Chris Komus, and a progressive psytrance project, as Lo Progression. I usually perform Live PA. I keep things pretty melodic & cinematic, a bit over the top, peppered with a whole heap of glitch, and always experimental. I just came back from playing in Australia (Played in NSW, Victoria, and Queensland) as well as having played Canadian fests such as Shambhala Music Festival 2011 (Labyrinth Stage), Motion Notion (2011 & 2010), and Entheos Gathering (2010). I've got an upcoming track on Aussie labels Adapted Records and 3l3mental Records, as well as a new release on Enig'Matik Records and releases on Betamorph Recordings, Monkey Dub Records, Sundance Records, Communique, and more.

This will be my first year and I'd love to contribute my music in any way possible.

Here's my soundclouds:
Chris Komus [dub/dubstep/glitch] -
Lo Progression [psytrance] -

Here's my website with tracks, mixes, blog, bio, and more:
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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby Dan Snakehead » Wed Feb 01, 2012 6:00 am

"NOT JUST ANOTHER" Dj/Producer from Canada's west coast. I am picky about my tracks, I never play filler, I have a demo on Galaxie Sattelite Radio across Canada and normal radio at 107.9fm, at which I play live weekly (10pm-12am Thursday Night). Gimme a listen and judge for yourself. I play Drum & Bass mostly... here is an old resume of mine....thank you for your consideration <3 :
Dan Snakehead has been dominating dance floors for 13 years. He is a certified Rythme Institute DJ (now school of remix) trained under Dj Marvel in 2004. He was a night club, after hours and house party dj and competed in the World Dj Mix Championships by invite aka the DMC's (Whistler '05 and Victoria '05, '06 placing in all three events). (the worlds largest DJ directory) currently ranks him in the top 20 in Vancouver, and top 100 Canada.
Dan Snakehead discovered his passion for electronic music in 1999 and started organizing electronic music events in 2001. As an amatuer it was hard for him to find work other than spur of the moment house parties or volunteer events that only paid in exposure. He has since played thousands of events from house parties and night clubs to big name concerts and it shows. He has "come up the hard way and paid his dues".
He can play anything but normally plays Top 40, House, Hip Hop and Club music for night clubs. For outdoor events and massives he switches styles to dirty ellectro and Dubstep. He plays other stuff like Speed Garage, Trance, Breaks, Drum & Bass, 80's, Rock, Metal, 90's, electro swing, and of course scratch (the guy has invented scratch techniques). He is trained to play on anything : turn tables, cd decks, his laptop, even dvd players or cassette players, he's so versatile, it's sick. He says he spends about six hours a night checking obscure charts and researching online so that he always has the freshest tracks. His creativity shines through in his mixes and his microphone skills, to say he can get a crowd going is an understatement.

In September of 2002 he founded a independant non-profit organization called "Last Minute Productions" dedicated to fund raising for local charities and youth crime prevention in his home town community (Salt Spring Island). Charities in his community like his local youth center, high school, and skate Park are on the recipient list. Last Minute Productions is still a well respected, functioning, non-profit organization in his home town community to this day with a small group of very dedicated vollunteers (reference Nathan Valcourt P.R. 250-221-0871).

The last charitable events he was invloved with "Shake it for the Quake" (reference Mya Hardman) which raised thousands for the Haitian Relief Foundation. That show dominoed into more events including shake it for the quake 2 which again raised thousands for Japan. and tons more shows to for things like breast cancer research and other fantastic causes, see Erotica Electronica and The Frightmare before Christmas.

Residencies :

Jungle Room (Victoria)
The Local (Salt Spring Island)
City Limits (Abbotsford)
Barcode (Vancouver)
Rocky Creek Pub (Ladysmith)
107.9fm CFSI (Salt Spring Radio)
Smiley's Public House (Vancouver)
The Academic Public House (Vancouver)

"I have had horrid luck with regards to finding good placement agents, promoters, or really any kind of mutually beneficial situation to settle into" says Dan. "But you can't give up, you just keep trying. After all, success only come to those who never give up on thier dreams, right?" This dedicated Dj's dream is of regularly performing at stadium sized events. After September 4th's "Sound Clash of the Titans" an outdoor massive, Return of the Titans, and hosting the third of the Sound Clash series over christmas Sound Clash of the Santas, this dj's roster continues to build momentum. Though big shows are his dream, he says he will always crave the intimacy and sense of family with performing at smaller venues. Dan Snakehead has many unmentioned short term residencies under his belt all of which have ended on good terms but is still looking for the ideal sustainable, stable, situation.

From '06 -'09 he took a break from the dream to raise his son on Salt Spring Island as a single dad and performed for the local pubs. While there he organised more events and performed random house parties and outdoor events.
Pre-dating that he was at Barcode on Broadway (Vancouver) where he played hip-hop, breaks, and drum & bass wednesdays thru saturdays aswell as playing an after hours every night in Coquitlam (known only as the Glen House to a lucky few). Unfortunatey Barcode was closed down due to improper management.
Prior to that he was the resident DJ at the City Limits Night Club in Abbotsford where he opened and played with big named acts like the Trews and 2 Live Crew thru the generosity of Rockit-boy Entertainment..
Before that he was simultaneously employed as disc jockey for The Jungle Room and Monty's Showroom (Victoria, Vancouver Island). At Monty's Showroom on Wet T-Shirt Wednesdays he was also the Super Soaker Boy. He opted to leave the club due to the non-existant promotional team that is required to make successful nights. Before he left though, he refered the Jungle Room to Mother Bird Promotions (of White Bird Records) who took the necessary initiative and now The Jungle Room Night Club is flourishing under a new name.
He's played with everyone from Benny Benassi to The Sweat Shop Union, his gigography list is endless. Why he doesn't have more singles out is probably because he's always performing. Time for some label to scoop him up. He's got tons of demo's of really obscure stuff like Celtic Electronic Fusion, Rotterdam, Metalstep, Mash-Ups, Spoof Hip Hop, aswell as Quack Hits (his dirty electro series, hear the first of four and his first four of 15 Dubstep compilations here : ... _Snakehead ).

Having just played Canada and USA's most notoriously prestigious events (Shambhalah and Burning Man) and recently moving back to Vancouver, after 13 years of solid dedication to this his passion and still doing charity events and shows for disabled kids, this dj is a different species all together from the rest.
Dan Snakehead = Dance Naked the most clever name in Djing 13 years exp. available for 1 or 2 more stage performances, Representing DJ's in a Box, Victoria BC Canada. I play EVERYTHING and LOVE being challenged with genres and improvised fusion.
Dan Snakehead
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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby Dan Snakehead » Wed Feb 01, 2012 4:39 pm

any one looking for a bhangra dj?
Dan Snakehead = Dance Naked the most clever name in Djing 13 years exp. available for 1 or 2 more stage performances, Representing DJ's in a Box, Victoria BC Canada. I play EVERYTHING and LOVE being challenged with genres and improvised fusion.
Dan Snakehead
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Anyone seeking a VJ?

Postby Dr.Lighthouse » Sun Feb 05, 2012 9:36 am

Dr.Lighthouse has been on the VJ scene since the mid 1980s.. yes we had scratch video back then and now we have laptops so am still at it... I have a ticket but no idea where I am camping someone else is organising all that. I will be bringing my laptop and my hard drive (all sealed in dustproof tupaware) and I am more than happy to do VJ sets. In fact I would love to. I have material that would fit the theme but equally I am more than willing to work with you to make custom clips for use. My work os more figurative and I like to play with narrative... of the gestalt vareity. I don't do geometic shapes and patterns that bores me silly. I love getting messy and playing with randomness. If you are interested get in touch and we can chat. I am in China till BM so time zone may be tricky but anything is possible.

Me on visuals at a SHNDG# in 2010:

PSYCHIC SPIES: Abaddon File (redux) - is an AV performance - this is a short extract edited for promo purposes:
(I added some beats to it for the edit there are no beast in the live show its just ambeint stuff)

A general portfolio of my work as a VJ and arts event promoter as well as clips from some of the other Kino-Kult collective:

Contact me:

I also teach Tahi Chi and Qigong and have been training in China in Chen style if anyone fancies a bit of practice at BM :0)
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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby waynerd » Tue Feb 07, 2012 11:41 am

Longtime experienced drummer here. If you need some percussion drop me a PM here. :)
Excuse me, this is way different than what was described in the brochure!
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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby Googers » Wed Feb 15, 2012 5:09 pm

Hello, my name is Colin, some call me Googers. My stage name has been Clint Samples for the last 4 years or so, and Paradox before that. I've been a dj for 12 years, and have been producing music for 6. I plan on coming out to the playa with a laptop full of a lifetime of tracks, and more than a few originals. I played a few camps and a few art cars my first year out there, and had an incredible time sharing my music with others. It is my gift to the playa. Help me share it : )

I'm down to play any time anywhere for any camp, so get in touch with me.
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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby CosmicBoy » Wed Feb 15, 2012 5:23 pm

Whatsup Burning Man Family,

I am CosmicBoy and I came here to rock. I am developing a live performance dj/guitar/vocal set and Im going to tour the country this summer in a Camper. Pretty Awesome right! I will most certainly be attending Burning Man because last year was so wonderfully out of control. I am looking to play at least one stage each day because I really get off on helping people get off. Nothing is too big or too small.

you can check out a few tracks to get a taste

heres a music video

you may reach me via email:
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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby rsellick » Sat Feb 18, 2012 12:49 pm

I am the guitar player for the band Dead Birds Adore Us.

We call it Psychedelic Art Metal.

Why do bands have singers? Why do people want and expect to hear vocals on all rock-ish music?

I have two opinions why it seems that way. I think people enjoy the familiarity of a voice (especially a pleasant sounding one), but also, we enjoy music having a sort of narrative that we can define.

Instead of a vocalist, we have a live VJ as a part of the band. His contribution to the music is live edited video clips, colors, textures, etc to define a loose narrative, which tends to be very subjective and transactional to the viewer. The performance seems to resonate with people on a deep level, especially if they have ever had a psychedelic experience.

Unfortunately, we typically perform at bars, where people generally don't seem to have a very keen appreciation for aesthetics. We want to perform on a stage where people can appreciate the passion we pour into this.

This is a softer, more textured, experimental piece called "Tunnels" -

This is a different performace of the same song, going into a song called the Virus

We are interested in performing at Burning Man, but we don't know if it is too late. Could someone please let me know what I have to do to find out?


-Ryan Sellick
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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby cin » Mon Mar 05, 2012 3:11 pm

HEllo all

Im a new burner and looking forward to participating and sharing art with all of you!
Im a musician in San francisco looking to find some way to share my talents. Im a multi-instrumentalist and also play the MPC. I play Sets of my own experimental electronic music and love to jam.

Peace be with you,


Heres my music thanks for listening!:
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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby taranov2007 » Sat Mar 24, 2012 8:32 am

Hello Burners!
This is going to be my very first Burning Man event. It's lovely to meet you all! I'm a fiddler (and I also play mando) - I do Northern American, Irish and Scottish stuff, some Klezmer, etc. I'd be happy to jam with anyone or perform anywhere.
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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby Kevinochi » Wed Apr 04, 2012 1:47 pm

Well having read all the above I can say with confidence that I'm just a humble small town amateur DJ that's been lucky enough to play at some amazing events and venues but nothing earth shattering.

I don't like dub step. There. I said it. It's out there. But I do keep an open mind to it.

My music is said to make people happy and dancy so I'm always encouraged to continue exploring and discovering.

Music speaks louder than words so check out for yourself if you think I'd fit in somewhere... ... d329994141

Only a few more months!!! Eeeeeek!!! :D
Waffles taste better slightly burned...
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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby viciousfish » Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:53 am

I make video, and sound.

I would like a place to exhibit my work. I just need a sound and video hook up.

It will not be live, but it WILL be epic :D

I am working on a 90 minute piece right now, but I will probably rather fill up a good 30 min.

Ideally I would have a dome tent with 3d surface mapping to project into. I can render this video quite large (1080p? 2k? 4k?)

I have new stuff thats not compressible enough for youtube that can be seen in person at my SF apartment :D

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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby TEHSOUND » Sun Apr 15, 2012 1:46 pm

John Teh here (TEH) From Australia. Just got confirmation of my BM 2012 tix!!! I will be there in the Dust!
This is my latest set of original tunes, inspired by my first burn in 2011

I play LIVE dance music/ electro and also DJ the same. There are two of us in TEH this year.
Please check my DJ mix ... o-now-dont
and LIVE productions
attach is some bio info as well

We are fully self contained, just a stereo out to the mixer.
We would play a hybrid set of LIVE tracks and DJ mixing with Live vocals and MIDI saxaphone!

So if you have any sets available at your camp/ stage we would LOVE to rock out for you in 2012. We can play for as long as you like.
We will be bringing our full LIVE set up to the Playa and are :D keen to set up some performances! See you in the dust! TEH
mobile +61 449663086
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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby thrdefour » Mon Apr 16, 2012 5:27 am

me and my wife have our tickets we live in reno nv have made a assortment of trax though out the years mostly play records but when i play my stuff i use cd's and i been djing since 1996 use to play a club cald visions when reno clubs were not playing electronic music i was a part of the music movement in 98 99 2000 2001 in reno had residentssee's at (fusion- level- Picasso's lounge-gen-x- reno live) (dreamland sundays area 51 + intoxication sundays zepher bar 4 years running ) other than that my list of peeps whom i played with in the past 16 years is long and a waste of time now that most of them are not playing any more or are now just like my self hella lazy and think that has very little importance. i like the classic's 98-2009 tracks witch wood explain why i enjoy watching other djs play records as well as play them my self. i wont bad mouth cpu dj's but i do feel like its the 80's again and cpu's are the cd's like in the 80's and soon every one who sold out will dig up there s??? and pretend like they were down......just like in the 90's anyway...if you have not already deleted my rambling at this point i play house breaks psytrance trance and a little in between so vote for me president of these united states ?????ok!!!!!
in 2002 i played basewave marrina right after the burn for two hours before dragonfly got on if you cheers
maybe you dont care.......

onewybone r my trax that i wrote/prod.
thrdefour has a mix with records from last summer

im all so in a metal band cald gone beyond here in reno but my band members didnt find the lotto as amusing as i did (i scratch i uni-sin with our gutairist) were a full 5 peice band... i know its sounds stupid but when u heer it its pritty cutting edge ,as far as groups/bands go yo......just ask the jub jub peeps we played there in march or feb whatever......
my music my humor my head my my
dj34/// onewybone///thrdefour
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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby gabrielkg » Tue Apr 24, 2012 3:15 am

Hi Everyone :)

Not long ago I received the email saying i had a ticket to BM2012. Cannot describe the elation :) It has been on my mind ever since, and I was lying in bed this morning thinking about the coming journey, and was struck with what now seems a very obvious idea/question... Having not been before I cant say for sure, but it seems that BM gives us a unique space where the social structures, institutions and ways of life that have been naturalised (eg capitalism, federal goverments, consumption etc) are deconstructed, to make room for a new paradigm and means of governance (as distinct from government). In this space there seems to be a wonderful emphasis on interdependence, exchange, and contribution of unique skills and expressions. Realising this i was struck with the question- 'what is it that i can best contribute in this space to make the experience at least 'work', but even better a magical one for as many people as possible'.
Im not a carpenter, I cant sew, draw, or concrete, and my skills in building pc's wont be too useful in the desert. Thinking about this i realised the skill i can best contribute would be through music, and in particular my DJing. Ive played at most of the doofs in my area (NSW) and some near Sydney since i started 5 years ago, and found my home on the dancefloors of rainbow serpent. Style wise i think i can definately contribute something unique, but this absolutely isnt about 'how do i get a set on a big stage in front of heaps of people'... I wouldnt care if it was to a dancefloor of 3 people who appreciated it. What im after the chance to touch the hearts and minds of even a few people who can walk away going 'that was awesome, im so glad i experienced that', and know ive contribute something to this gathering that only i can contribute in the way that i did. Maybe im overthinking all this and (as is often the case) I should just go with the flow - chances are the path will present itself once im there and amongst it all. Either way I thought I would share my thoughts and abilities with you in case it stood out to someone who might be able to help me contribute. I have pm'd a group on the 'seeking artists' page also.

heres is a link to a prog/techno set ... oof-wabbit and a chill set based on the idea of the human lifecycle > ... he-journey

If you have read this far thanks for reading :)
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Re: Artists Seeking Stages

Postby MichaelScalar » Sat Apr 28, 2012 12:43 pm

Veteran DJ/Producer since 1999. Played Root Soc. and Tetrion in years past. Had radio shows and been there played that at festivals like ultra not going to go on with the hype.

My sound is Deep Vocal Tech 118-124 BPM

Stalk me online:)
tune in, drop out, get down
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