Lost: Camel pak w/journal, crystal bag w/'nutri' capsules,

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Lost: Camel pak w/journal, crystal bag w/'nutri' capsules,

Postby Gemini Fairy » Sun Oct 05, 2003 6:50 pm

Black camel pak. Stuff inside it:
*thick colorful red/green journal with colorful fairy writing of light rainbow language in it,
*used disp. camera,
*crystal bag with a few crystals; one of them a light purplish crystal, about $100 or a bit less, a little white box that says 'Nutri' & a #on it - this has 30 capsules in it,
*a hand-held tape recorder with a Deepak Chopra tape in it, and a bunch of other stuff in it.
There was a furry hot pink short coat with white tips. Inside it was silky orange. It was sitting on top of my camel pak which had a blue glow stick. I was dancing around the fire a lot and i left my stuff for about 15min. and when i went back for it it was gone. I was hanging near some mostly naked folks roasting marshmallows. The most important thing is my journal with my work in it. Help me manifest my stuff!
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