Junior..from Boston..Obi-Wan-kenobi..Aquarian Man??

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Junior..from Boston..Obi-Wan-kenobi..Aquarian Man??

Postby Lost Sportsbra » Wed Sep 17, 2003 1:29 am

I don't know if you will ever get this. But hey.... I figured it was worth a shot. :wink: I have thought of you many times in the past few weeks and smiled. :lol: Way big! I am diggin' my Fila t-shirt souvenir. It smells like Junior!! :lol: I met you on Friday..ummm.."The Critical Titty Ride". I never did get to your dreads or other things........! : :wink: P I did however spend most of the early (Friday)evening with you and rode around in your camp's art car that night. I met a lot of great people and got to see you spin!! 8)You are very,very,pretty as I told you. Inside and out!!! I sensed this when I saw you. Thank you for bringing a sweater for me (that night Friday) even though I never wore it. I left "The Playa " to check in with my camp and friends..got way lost!! CRAP!!Got in trouble too! :D
Found you Saturday.....you told me I should have come back to your camp, but like I said I got lost! I linked up with you before the burn and helped paint your face for Aquairian 3. I got soooo excited at the burn and had to see everything being the "Virgin" I was...I got lost once again.........from you. :(
I did see your camp's art car a few times...I would make my way there..then it would move!!! :roll: I regret not seeing you spin, (again),losing oh ummmm...perhaps another sportsbra.......feeling you,but most of all....not saying goobye, :( or spending more time with you!! You felt way nice to me in many ways...........):shock: :oops: ! I didn't feel comfortable busting into your tent that night(Sat.) later on..found it...but wasn't sure if going to your tent was ok. Came to get my bike that morning and your whole camp seemed to be way in slumberland and I didn't want to disturb anyone. HUMM..........maybe I am to polite?
I hope all of you made it home safely. I know next year I will have a better grip on camp locals. I hope I will see you next year U Big Sweetie U! Fila shirt smells like you(as I said)! YUMMY! :D
P.S. I am now learning how to spin poi!! I love it!! You are more than welcome to contact me if you ever stumble across this!! If anyone reads this who knows him...please let me know hoW to contact him or let him know he can contact me!! I would love to say "Hi" if possible. :wink:XOXOXOXO
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