Can anyone help me find a truck to haul our stuff to BRC?

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Can anyone help me find a truck to haul our stuff to BRC?

Postby jalbert » Wed Aug 18, 2004 6:13 pm

Hello All -

Our rental of a 27foot truck to haul all our stuff from LA to BRC just fell through yesterday.

Does anyone know of a Burning Man-friendly truck rental place in the LA or Orange County area?

Please advise!

Anyone that can help us out will be rewarded with a VIP tour of the Temple of Mom - a re-create your childhood installation that will take you back to the womb (hence the waterbed), a bosom couch (where you can re-experience breastfeeding and select from a variety of flavors from our milkbar), an oversize crib (where you can throw a tantrum), grandma's closet (where you can try on oversize clothes), and preschool.

on tuesday, be sure to show up for the 7th Grade Dance - playing middle school classics from 1955 - 1995 - boys on one side, girls on the other....chaperones included :)

gifts of food and drink also included.

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Postby nostratomas » Sun Aug 22, 2004 1:17 am


we gotta stop running into each other like this. Avon rental seems to do a lot of BM rentals. Hollywood, LA & SM locations.

Have you tried telling them you are going to Arizona or some other misleading statement. Sometimes they prefer to rent to production companies doing longer shoots.

"yes, we're doing a low-budget 3 week shoot in the Arizona plains. Burning Man, what's that?"

one thousand lucky stars to you.
If you can't ride it, burn it.
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