light and love- human who needs some help!

light and love- human who needs some help!

Postby LilyPiecora » Thu Aug 25, 2011 2:32 pm

hello felllow amazing humans!!!

I know we aren't supposed to post threads on this but im desperate.

This year would be my first year to make it to the playa- beyond stoked. I have made costumes-masks- wings and more.

Three fellow from Ireland flew to New York and bought a magical school bus to road trip around america picking up random people trying to make it to the Burn. I am one of them. We were calling this trip the Electric Kool-Aid whiskey test. I just met the crew and they are beautiful kooks taking life for what its worrth.

Problem is... I had a ticket- went to Glacier National Park for a 4 day trek of glory came back today to find that my ticket had been sold to another.
trying to stay positive.

If anyone can help
kind words,
a ticket!!!!

please please do.
I must make this epic journey work

hope to see you all in the dust

love and light
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Re: light and love- human who needs some help!

Postby Eric » Thu Aug 25, 2011 2:54 pm

Start searching Craigslist- I'm seeing lots of tickets coming up on both SF & Reno. You are not alone in looking for them, so actively chase them, it's unlikely they'll come to you at this point. Make sure you read up on how to spot a fake ticketand known scams.

LilyPiecora wrote:I have made costumes-masks- wings and more.

I'm hoping you've also read the Survival Guide about 4 or 5 times & have all your other preparations in order. Costumes are your last concern, survival is first.
Survival Guide * First Timers Guide * Ticket Info

Regarding Ticket Scalpers and Scammers

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