SF and Reno counterfeit ticket ring

SF and Reno counterfeit ticket ring

Postby benderberkeley » Sat Aug 20, 2011 12:16 pm

I got scammed in San Francisco ( 2 tickets, $700 total), I've spoken with at least 6 other people in SF alone that got taken by the same people. Additionally, there are at least 4 people that were scammed by them in Reno. Poss LA and San Diego activity as well. 2 African American males, and possibly one taller, slender Caucasian. Very good fakes, with a few tell-tale signs,described below in copies of 2 Craigslist ads from some of the people I have been speaking with.

Date: 2011-08-17, 2:41PM

Two black men one by the alias Aaron have been scaming people with fake tickets. The other bigger guy is heavy and bit taller with white palms. Between Sunset and Downtown. The tickets are very crafty and almost believable and yet there are some things to note about them if you are trying to buy:

First of all have a smart phone scanner to check the bar code! They are FREE!

The printed spiral pattern on their Text itself is good. Which sucks. And it's a bit more glossy of a print.

The stamp the real Burning Man stamp is very detailed and is a heavy texture.
Their stamp is punced with some tool to sort of feel like the BM stamp but its pathetic in comparison (mostly just ring) and its a printed shadow if you are in better light to look at them. Not real.

These guys ticket is printed a little darker blue and it is thicker and a little harder of a ticket.
They wont show ID! AND YOU SHOULD ASK especially now. The whitish print on the back scratches off as well.

MOST IMPORTANTLY!! The bar code is printed and there for not made of real bar code print material.

I think it's disgusting what is happening and how these people have such and organized crime. Burning Carma!
I dont want to see anyone get screwed over by them.
Bless you real Burners and Bless their true Burning Man spirit.

And here's the ad of another person I have been in contact with who got scammed by the same people in Reno, police report has been filed there and I am attempting to connect Reno PD and SFPD.

Fake Burning man ticket - $360 (SF)
Date: 2011-08-19, 3:16PM PDT
Reply to: [personal information removed-MOD] [Errors when replying to ads?]
Fake burning man tickets are circulating! and they are REALLY good fakes. Beware of these guys. I was tricked into buying 2 yesterday and then realized they were fake. The people have hit Oakland and Reno.

The differences in the fake tickets to real tickets are: The fakes are made of thicker paper than real ones, the fake's color is off on the front graphic, it is slightly lighter in color and has very subtle lower resolution than the real ones, and the holographics on the back flake off when you rub and scratch at them and the reals do not!

They look very real, I inspected them for like 5 minutes and decided they were real but once you have a real one to compare it to you can see the subtle differences! be careful! They have the holographics and the imprinted stamp. Everything is almost exactly the same as a real one.

Demand a receipt and demand the serial numbers so you can send them into the burning man verification center.

The man selling off of craigslist emails from the name [personal information removed-MOD]. The phone number he uses is [personal information removed-MOD].
The car he was in was a Ford Taurus in Silver. Cali license plate with a partial plate number [personal information removed-MOD]

He gets dropped off and walks to the meeting point he has friends waiting back at the car with guns and knives.

Here are pictures of him and the fake tickets. We got his ID, don't know if its fake or not but that IS his picture.

The Serial code on the back of their tickets are JL853RJX Ticket #s 13682 and 13684

He gives a shpeel that his friends backed out and he has extras and that his girl likes to collect the stubs so if you could hit him up after burning man so she can have the stubs! total BS to trick you further into believing they are real.


Please see this post on the subject of scams, contact Participant Services with questions about ticket validity or to provide information about a possible scam, and do not post anybody's personal details on ePlaya. Thanks- MOD
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Re: SF and Reno counterfeit ticket ring

Postby Playa Hater » Sat Aug 20, 2011 1:25 pm

How is it that an ID was obtained? And how is it that you know they have guns and knives? Just curious...
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