OFFERED: Flaming Lotus Girls Ticket Raffle

OFFERED: Flaming Lotus Girls Ticket Raffle

Postby gyre » Sat Aug 20, 2011 12:56 am

The Flaming Lotus Girls have been donated a Burning Man ticket to raffle off via the Internet!!!

This is your chance to score one of the coveted, sold-out tickets to this year's event, while also supporting one of the amazing large-scale art installations that will be on the Playa this year, the Flaming Lotus Girls' Tympani Lambada.

We are selling raffle tickets online for $10: buy more to increase your chances of winning!

To buy a ticket simply PayPal $10 to, making sure you include 'Raffle Ticket' in the subject line of the PayPal payment.
Or, go to our website

We will post a winner on our Facebook page on August 25th: we'll also directly contact the winner, and FedEx the ticket to her/him.

Spread this link widely: help us fundraise for our art, and win a ticket in the process!

Even if you already have your own, remember what an amazing gift this would make to a friend who doesn't have a ticket?

With love and lipstick kisses
Flaming Lotus Girls
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Re: OFFERED: Flaming Lotus Girls Ticket Raffle

Postby nocturnal_steve » Sat Aug 20, 2011 5:15 am

IMHO Raffling is just another form of scalping.

In addition you are taking one ticket out of circulation until a very late date; either raising expectations of many attendees who might have had
gear and plans in place for months, but got caught with their pants down (no ticket) ....and ultimately won't win the raffle ; or are leaving someone with vague plans to attend 3 days to get their shit together.

That said, The Lotus Girls do awesome work and make a huge contribution to the event; I see on their website one can donate to their cause independent of the raffle ... I am doing so as soon as I close this post.

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Re: OFFERED: Flaming Lotus Girls Ticket Raffle

Postby jkisha » Sat Aug 20, 2011 5:49 am

Just curious, would you be against the raffle had tickets not sold out?
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Re: OFFERED: Flaming Lotus Girls Ticket Raffle

Postby Dustdevil » Sat Aug 20, 2011 6:59 am

nocturnal_steve wrote:IMHO Raffling is just another form of scalping.


The LLC does not look at it that way. Raffling has been part of fund raising for years with many of the funded artists.

When you purchase a ticket, scalped or otherwise, you have an expectation that you will exchange your hard earned money for a ticket. You esentially enter a verbal contract.

When you purchase a chance in 'the FLG raffle there is no agreement that you will receive anything except the knowledge that the money you gambled will be used for a worthy endeavor.

I don't see this as scalping on any level. Offering a ticket from a random drawing is nothing more than promoting the fact that they are seeking donations.
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Re: OFFERED: Flaming Lotus Girls Ticket Raffle

Postby trilobyte » Sat Aug 20, 2011 9:15 am

I agree with DustDevil, raffles for camp and art project fundraisers has been an acceptable practice for quite some time. If they were promoting some other kind of prize awards, it would cross ePlaya's no commerce & advertising rules, but since it's for a ticket (which we do allow listings of), this is in the clear.

Whether you feel that a ticket raffle is a good investment/gamble or not is entirely up to you. On one hand, one person will get to go for cheap. On the other, many people will not get a ticket and be out a few bucks. Consider the cause, though. If you like the Flaming Lotus Girls and their unique brand of awesomeness and their ambitious project, then it seems like a pretty good deal and possible opportunity.

Good luck to those who enter!
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