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Postby goathead » Thu Aug 25, 2011 9:29 pm

theCryptofishist wrote:
goathead wrote:
Bob wrote:Isn't the term Indian Gifting?

My advice -- don't loan him money, he'll likely Welsh on you. And you probably won't get out of town until Wednesday or Thursday.

Ffwcio eich diwrnod

Oh dear. They are cursing me in foriegn languages again. As my mother always said: Can't take you anywhere out of the country, Fishy...

Just stopping by to say
Hi, How are you.

Always wanted to be able to curse in various languages.

Damm hit the three quote wall.....
Ffwcio eich diwrnod
Jebem ti dan
Tpaxhnte ball aehb
Nasrat na vas den
Namaste, zkurvysynu

It will be some sort of incredible over-worded hippie prattle, attempting to disguise the
Eternal Theme
Burn Shit And Blow Shit Up. Eric
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Re: Injun giving

Postby MrsgriffinBRCPOII » Fri Aug 26, 2011 6:46 am

If you gave him a gift. It aint your to take back.
The beauty of a gift is in the giving. Giving isnt loaning,or granting,or a scholarship, or a giving over with an expectation of anything. If your lucky youll wet your pants at there joy for the thought and the desire of it, A Thank you is like Icing on your cake, perhaps an apriciation or some notible benifit to there life by way of this caring act of extending a gift- to THEM! Hey Santa, you gonna swoop down the chiminey and grinch out the new bike just cause little buddy has no clue how to use it?

I get what you mean and your anxt is valid but its drama anxt- and if the pal isnt an A student of Burningman- well perhaps hell ride up with the other flame retarded on the short bus and you wont have to bring lil Dagwood and his Dreul cup to the playa and change his diapers.
Its a Burning Curve - If you hate the way you feel its really your issues- not theyres. or ours.
Whats he gonna do Drive on the esplinade - set fire to the man and then die by hanging himself with mardi gra beads from your theme camp dome and leave you to clean up his styraphome cooler with the watermellon decay, and the emergency staff cuts him down later and finds out he died from complications of lack of sunscreen, dehydration and playa foot? Yep another Pinata death and it coulda been prevented if you just stopped giving gifts and then sold your ticket to me at an inflated rate to cover all your potential liability...
Or gifted it to me, but If your gift ment that you got to trip your drama allllll over my inconvienant and embarrassingly empoverished half life while I finally crammed for the playa at the last minute..
and then infer all over the Burning Boards about how its eatin your ass from the inside,
well I think that kind of pressure wouldnt be worth the cost of your gift for either of us.
sorry I know how you feel REALLY . Just have faith, a well and polite boundry. a back up plan , and
other shit to do like um.. voulenteer for besides signing up for playing with kids from the baby table. Go make something.
and HEY! it better not be a christmas sweater! -Your joy in giving better not be in the bitching of how you made such a big mistake blah blah blah-
I do and I do for you, and look what I get back!
I shoulda gifted that nice Larry Harvey
-NOW HES a person YOU KNOW would be 100 % prepared and have enough money and A RIDE!!
im just kidding
but you sound like my grandmother-
Be proud you did such a beautiful thing by leading with a heart and setting an example-
dont cheapen yourself by comparing it to all the starving kids in china who are doing god knows what to buy scalped tickets for this sold out burn-
from greedy fuck heads that take advantage of oppertunity to get over
What sold out?
The burn or YOU? ouch
. Justify the act so you can what?
take it and sell it?
make a little profit cuz people do it all the time and they will spend that money? Who could blame you? right ...k a r m a
Or maybe giving it to someone more popular
or prepared or needy ( mememememememe) would be a better story
and you could get laid by some hotty
or save tha day for the sound camp cuz dj Noticket got in
and who would even care avout the shmuck you hurt.
Ahhh he wouldnt care/ hes reallly not your friend... hes NOT EVEN PREPARED
Your better than this. Youve been to the Playa- Dont do this to yourself to them or me..
here you go..
Ask him IF he really wants his ticket, or if hed be happier trying next year and giving his ticket away, but Its not yours to give anymore.
You dont buy the responsibility of the person with gifting a ticket to a grown up-
Radical self reliance and creative problem solving
- and the thing is-
no one has ever blamed the
persons who introdused the burner who died for bringing the Burn into theyre life,
nor has anyone ever blamed another that I know of
for turning a person loose on us all-
even the dilhead who burned the man early
had fans.
quit yer bitchin . If you want truely to gift a ticket - find another one
and then gift it to the miracle tickets.
..or sell it to the girl trying to not cry thru her glitter make up
while hunting tickets with a big worry wrinkle on her forhead next to the indian taco stand in Empire you see on your way in
-no no NOT THAT ONE!!
THE ONE with the sign that says Only YOU can Save a burning Orphan from Agonising pain
for just the offer of a ticket
... thatll be me.
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Re: Injun giving

Postby pandora422 » Fri Aug 26, 2011 9:21 am

Hi Mick, I’ve been so busy overcoming my own pre burn obstacles it’s been hard to remember that I’m not the only one with pre burn challenges. Gifting has definitely been one of them this year, some thoughts

1. I was “gifted” the most gorgeous piece of art, the black light Mona Lisa, after Furrball last year. I loved it, I spent hours cleaning it up from the party stretching and mounting it to fit just so in a coveted spot in my apartment where I could look at it every day. It reminded me of the serene place in my heart where burning man lives. A few weeks ago I was told that the artists wanted it back and it had never been intended to be gifted in the first place. I was mad and hurt, more so at the person who had gifted it to me than the artist who wanted it back. After a few days it made me sick just to look at it. Instead of reminding me of all the beautiful wonderful things about burning man and the person that gave it to me all I could think about was how shallow the person that gave it to be is and how little my relationship must mean to her.

2. I was gifted the use of a shade structure that belongs to another burner to use at the burn this year – I was thrilled. In addition to being a fantastic piece of art I had a great idea to customize it and incorporate it into my whole sleeping/camping setup. Two days ago the owners decided he was flying in for the burn and guess what – wants his shade structure back. Let put aside the fact that my shade sleeping plans are now all fuckered up – why do people think its ok to do this to me? Is it because in the past I have always smiled and tried to look on the brighter side of things.

Sorry I’m just mad and just can’t seem to wrap this all back around to your friend/situation maybe we can talk about gifting expectations Friday night and figure it out?

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