Will haul very large items to the playa for trade

Will haul very large items to the playa for trade

Postby Whoville » Tue Aug 16, 2011 3:44 pm

Still need some last minute large art installation items or equipment hauled out to the playa?

How we can help you: We have a semi tractor trailer truck (van - type trailer) Dimensions of the trailer are: outside - 53 feet long, inside - 8' 3" wide & 10 feet high, will carry approx 30,000 lbs and has the capacity to drive vehicles onto the trailer. The trailer is an air ride and has all the equipment to strap down items, several hundred blankets to wrap items in, dollies for loading and decking to make multiple levels within the trailer to fit more items. Essentially it is a fully equipped household moving trailer. We are professionals and will safely wrap, strap and secure your items inside and deliver them to an agreed upon location. Leaving from the SF bay area as early as Aug 25th and can stay on the playa until Sept 6th, our dates are negotiable.

How you can help us: 1. The driver needs a ticket 2. Depending on what exactly the item(s) are we can negotiate other trades.

The disclaimer: Only playa approved items will be accepted for transport. Absolutely no stowaways. Everyone in our travel party (except the driver) has a ticket, so your items will not be at risk of being turned around at the gate. We can pick up anywhere between SF bay area and BRC, areas located north /south of SF are negotiable. If you are interested, email me at ahorton013@yahoo.com and we can discuss details.

Thanks for reading and happy burn :)
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