Recent Ex-Expat Seeks Last Minute Ticket

Recent Ex-Expat Seeks Last Minute Ticket

Postby notaficus » Thu Aug 11, 2011 2:06 pm

Hey all, would-be first-timer here.

Been living in Japan for the last five years or so doing this and that. Heard about Burning Man a few years back, and have been wanting to go ever since, but between work, finances, and logistics, a late-August trip across the Pacific just hasn't been in the cards.

Enter 2011. The ground doth quake and the earth doth shake... and that actually has nothing to do with why I'm back, but hey, it was dramatic.

While most of my gaijin peers vacate in March and April, I loaf along as normal (subconsciously hoping for superpowers?)...but then make an abrupt decision to take a break from the land of the rising sun around late June. (Deferred grad school a year - less to do with constant rumbles and crushing disappointment at failure to develop mutant powers than with thinking that trying being a patriate before becoming a longterm expatriate might be a good idea, but that's a story for another time.)

Anyway, around mid-July I realize this means I could actually go to Burning Man if I get my butt in gear. I check, there's still tickets! Do I buy them right there and then? Nooooo. Clever me, I procrastinate a few days to "think about logistics"...then get caught up in moving...and you can guess the rest of the story. :oops:

I feel a little dumb for just assuming in the back of my mind that there would still be tickets when I got home. If I can't go this year, c'est la vie - you don't get turkey dinner if you don't shoot the turkey the moment you've got it in your sights.

But I figured I'd make a post here anyway. Y'all seem like great folks, and maybe someone out there has a ticket and some sympathy for a slightly non-typical-but-actually-all-too-typical procrastinating arseface.

(Fine print: Obviously will pay whatever price it was acquired for. Requests of goods from Japan, if they exist, might also be taken into consideration.)

Anyway, here's to hoping. Cheers.
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