Buying and Selling Burning Man tickets: Helpful Info

Re: Buying and Selling Burning Man tickets: Helpful Info

Postby cyberbiker » Wed Aug 17, 2011 11:37 am

In July and August there are always many Burn ticket listings on eBay. While we all hate to see profiteering on Burn tickets, it's a reality in the open market. If you are going to buy on eBay, here are some helpful tips to help protect you.

1. Only buy using Paypal. It has a Buyer Protection Plan (on top of eBay's) and the money is not released to seller until after you have received the ticket.
2. Check the rating of the seller. Stay clear of those with negatives.
3. Look at the bidding history starting price as it can be an indication of whether you're dealing with a normal seller or a hawker.
4. Avoid those with high shipping fees as they are popular with hawkers or scammers.
5. Check the shipping terms to see how long the seller has to send it.
6. Bidding early just builds pricing pressure and does nothing for you.
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