Song ID Help - On Monkey Art Car

Song ID Help - On Monkey Art Car

Postby Ninja Nemo » Thu Sep 29, 2011 9:53 pm

My wife and I were sitting on top of the Monkey Art Car (the one that pulled up to the stoop - great backstory on the project btw) and heard a song that we really loved. The DJ played it, very folky, very acoustic. I can't find it on shazam or by searching lyrics. Lyrics are:

I've been going out at night, till the hours that choose.
And I don't ever ask for nothing, and I get nothing in return.
Cause I've been walking, wooah I've been walking, just to be with someone like her

And there are stories that are worth telling, that you'll never hear me tell
Things that I am not too proud of, things that I have not done well
I wouldn't say I was a boy who became a man [unknown]
I'd say I was a man already and now have more wrinkles on his face

And I've been walking walking walking walking
Down the soles of my shoes,
And I've been going out at night,...
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