Extra ticket, paid $300 will sell for $300 at gate

Buy, sell, or gift tickets for the 2010 Burning Man event

Extra ticket, paid $300 will sell for $300 at gate

Postby Fortitudinal » Tue Aug 24, 2010 8:45 pm

hey burners,

I bought 1 extra ticket. I need to sell it, being the bonehead I am, I didnt realize that my friend had bought one too.

In any case, anyone interested contact me. We can arrange for a meet at the gate, and exchange tix for cash there.

Im not gifting, Im in a bad enough situation as it is, and Im really winging it on this one. But hey, you still get a half decent deal.

Offers for shelter and great food will be contemplated --I wont be a burden, Im very handy in a kitchen.

Thanks and best of luck!
A yam what a yam and thats all that a yam.
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