Please gift this undeserving guy!

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Please gift this undeserving guy!

Postby thisguyterry » Tue Aug 24, 2010 11:09 am

I don't deserve a ticket for free. But I'm here to ask you for one anyway.

I'm a veteran burner so at least I have that going for me. I don't have anything to offer especially massages, vegan food, money or the excitement that only a first year that got a free ticket could muster.

The only thing I can offer is hearty thank you and a cold beer on the playa. And shitty beer at that. This isn't much and that should be taken in account before you make a decision to hand out a free pass to a place that so many people have sacrificed so much time and effort to make happen.. I'm not that guy. I'm just a guy whose jaded crankiness just wants a little handout. And who could blame me?

Why don't I deserve this? Because I don't care enough to make it happen. Because all that Burning Man really needs is one more angry person to yell at ravers. Because I'm not going to give it to some virgin that for some reason feels that they should go without the cash... Wait that's actually a good reason.

So if your some reason you feel compelled to gift out a ticket to the undeserving (and I can't help but wonder why) let it be me.. Or not, just don't give it to someone that wants to bring out another virgin. They always trod on my dust.


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