Lost: charm from necklace gold vagina

Lost: charm from necklace gold vagina

Postby cougburns » Sat Dec 20, 2008 2:30 pm

Hey everyone.. so I lost the charm from a necklace my grandmother gave me after my grandfather died. It's a gold vagina. Yes, I'm serious. It also looks kinda like a leaf.. which is what my grandmother probably thought it was....but it's definately a vagina. It's about two inches in length and should have no chain attached to it. I let my friend borrow it to bring him good luck and he lost it.. pitty. Being that it is such an odd peice of jewelry I am more interested in knowing if it was found.. and hearing about the journey it's made after it left my care :) I brought it to the event, fully aware that it would potentially get lost... so no worries!

thanks for looking,
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