LOST Silver Ipod named Marylin - Content extremely important

If it has a charger, maybe a little screen, fits on your pocket or turns on and off, this is probably the category you want to try to get it back.

LOST Silver Ipod named Marylin - Content extremely important

Postby Lilliewhite » Tue Sep 16, 2008 4:13 pm

Im on the hunt for my silver ipod named Marylin. It went astray from the Abstinynthe bar wednesday night in an olive green satchel. The satchel has since shown up, but without ipod. This is not in and of itself a tragedy, as Ipods are easily replaced.

What is a tragedy is the fact that this particular ipod may be the only remaining archive of my photographs (artwork, not personal) as my hard drive at home has bitten the dust.

I dont care about the ipod, just the photos. I am happy to give the ipod to whomever might have found it, but am BEGGING them to try to get me the data somehow, some way.

Playlists on the ipod include The Best Songs of All Time, Speakeasy and Sexy among others...

Photographs include a b&w of the Irish coast w/ castle, a pelican taking off, various cacti photos and a few photos of cattle dogs in the sea, various Thai locales, a caution road sign of a car driving off a cliff....

Any info regarding this situation would be immensely appreciated - and good karma :)

Thanks Burners
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