Lost Dog

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Lost Dog

Postby Barbie » Mon Jan 19, 2009 11:06 am

Last year WE brought this really GREAT Dogg to the Playa to watch our bikes when we were NOT around them- He was PErFecT for such a Duty!!! just tied him to the spokes and off we would go... He Jumped out of my Basket in the deep Playa During a white Out some where between the Pyrmid & THe Hummer.

He Is light brown with dark ears, almost knee high, has a lavender sweater on with a pink & green tulip on the front of IT.
WE call him Prince but had not gotten around to making him an ID tag. He is very very very quite only if you touch him in the right way will he Bark and dosn't eat anything.... If you have seen him or maybe you gave him a HOME 'cause he was sooooo darn CUTE... Let me know Please - I'd really like to see him again next YEaR- I might even pay a reward for him if YOU want to give him Back- If You did find Him I know the love you have for Prince by now- Sooo you don't have to give him Back...
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