Volunteers Requested-for THE GOLDEN SPIRAL PROJECT

Volunteers Requested-for THE GOLDEN SPIRAL PROJECT

Postby PegasusTheFlyingHorse » Mon Jun 25, 2007 9:20 am

We are looking for artist, builders, carpenters, painters, and any thing you might offer for our art installation "The Golden Spiral". Please go on our site at www.clearheart.org and click the Burning man project. We think that this could be a great way to connect and be involved in a wonderful project. :D
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Postby trilobyte » Tue Jun 26, 2007 4:28 pm

The description of the project was very confusing. The model looked like a lump of clay with bits of branches sticking out, and you mentioned a 40 foot sequoia in the center. Are you bringing out a sequoia? Or is this going to be a tree-like structure made of the 2x4's? What is the spiral being made of? How big is it going to be? It's a fascinating project, I'd like to know more.

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Postby PegasusTheFlyingHorse » Wed Jun 27, 2007 2:05 pm

I am sorry for the unclear nature of The Golden Spiral Project. We did make the model out of clay but it does not resemble what we hope it will be. The Sequoia Tree will be over the center of the spiral. The spiral itself will be the tree root and the root will be made like a wall that starts out at 10 ft from the base of the tree to around 4-5 feet at the end of the spiral (root). The tree itself will be built from 2X4s. We will build scaffolding to climb on while we put the 2X4s together. Once we have a tree like structure that is solid we will place a platform at 30 Ft and the branches of the tree will then extend to 40 feet. The tree should be large enough to enter and there will be an alter in the tree for people partake in by offerings etc. There will be a stairway inside the tree that spirals around and up taking the participant to the platform that is 30 ft above the playa. Once the tree structure is built we will then put cardboard (stapled to the tree) that will resemble bark. We will probably paint the cardboard. We have gone to see the magestic Sequoias and their girth and size is all about the same from top to bottom. The spiral (root) will be make from planks and also covered in cardboard. By the way we are collecting large pieces of cardboard. There will be an enchanted garden beneath the tree which I am creating in my studio (Pegasus). Skeeter Jones is a builder and builds beautiful Victorian Facades in San Francisco. We'd love to have you participation in any way.
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Sounds huge!

Postby Taxman » Sun Jul 15, 2007 1:33 pm

I posted a thread offering myself as some skilled live-in labour for anyone working on a big ambitious project, and this one sounds awesome!

I'd love to come and check out the project when I fly into San Fransisco!

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